Yeah Croatia is cool and Greece has gyros, but for year-round sunshine, night life like nowhere else, a fascinating history and hummus so good there aren’t enough carrots to go around, Israel is a winner. Take a read of the 6 reasons why we think Israel should be your next mediterranean getaway and bag yourself some Israel travel tips.

Let’s go!

1. Israel has ALL the yummy food 

israel travel tips middle east hummus falafel vegan

Like any Mediterranean destination, you know the food is gonna be good. But, Israel adds its own local and unique twists.

Expect fresh falafel, hummus, shakshouka, pitta bread and sweets that you definitely won’t be able to pronounce correctly.

israel travel tips middle east hummus falafel vegan

Plus, make sure you don’t miss out on Carmel Market in Tel Aviv. It packs everything from home-made cheese, local treats, locally-roasted coffee and fresh juices.

Tel Aviv also claims the title of the ‘vegan capital of the world’. It’s a big call, but vegans are spoilt for choice with over 400 vegan-friendly kitchens that use fruit and veg to create locally inspired meals. Maybe this’ll be the place that converts you to the vegan life.

2. You can get some year-round sunshine 🌞

Beach Tel Aviv Israel Middle East Israel Travel Tips

Lows of 20 degrees. Highs of 30 degrees. More than 300 days of sunshine a year. Sounds good to us!

With such epic weather, you don’t need any excuses to get out and enjoy what this part of the world has to offer.

Beach Tel Aviv Israel Middle East Israel Travel Tips

Explore the markets, go hiking, float on the Dead Sea (get your Insta ready), spend the day on the beach, even crack out your surf board.

Don’t think we need to twist your arm with this one, right? 😉

3. Tel Aviv is the place for a good party

israel travel tips middle east pub crawl

The city that never sleeps. The party capital of the Middle East. Tel Aviv has got some of the most unique nightlife in the world. We’re talking beach bars, underground clubs, rooftop cafés and market places that turn into bars as the sun sets.

There’s no better spot to begin a night than Rothschild Boulevard, where boutique bars cater to almost everyone. Wine lover? Craft beer enthusiast? That one person who loves tequila? There’s somewhere here for you.

israel travel tips middle east pride tel aviv

Then, channel your inner hipster. There’s jazz bars and street art in the Florentin neighbourhood. If that’s not your thing, there’s always beach parties going down.

As a proud LGBTQ destination, Tel Aviv really comes to life in June for Tel Aviv Pride. Parties and events take place throughout the city and is the largest Pride event in the Middle East and Asia. Be sure to check out Charles Clore Beach for the true experience.

4. Israel has a history like nowhere else

israel travel tips middle east jerusalem

With history dating back some 5,000 years and a holy place for the three major monotheistic religions, Jerusalem is not to be missed on a visit to Israel.

With sites like the Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre it’s hard to find a destination as fascinating as this one.

Also, Israel is where Jesus used to hang out FYI.

5. Israel has b-e-a-utiful landscapes

Bahn'í Gardens Middle East Israel travel tips

For such a small country, Israel has a super diverse landscape. There’s the Negev desert, the salty Dead Sea, the humid beach city of Tel Aviv and even snow fields in the Golan Heights. Israel sure knows how to confuse a weather presenter!

It’s also home to the incredible Terraces of the Bahá’í Faith or Hanging Gardens of Haifa. Overlooking Haifa’s beach and with views of Lebanon in the distance, the gardens span almost a kilometre and are arguably one of the best kept gardens in the world. This place is truly spectacular and also gives visitors the chance to learn about the Bahá’i Faith.

6. Israel has an epic natural spa aka the Dead Sea

Dead Sea israel Middle East Israel travel tips

The Dead Sea is an awesome natural spa and is a world-famous spot. The surface and shores of the Dead Sea are 423 metres below sea level and you can float on the water with minimal effort.

Dead Sea israel Middle East Israel travel tips

The mud here is even sold around the world for its healing properties. Jeez!

It’s also home to the lowest bar on Earth, so you can impress all of your friends by having a drink at -418 metres. Pretty cool, huh?

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Nick Wright
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