REAL mems in a country where the food, culture and vibes are next level? You’ll never regret a trip to Italy, but we don’t need to tell you that.  

Hot places to visit in Italy that you can experience on PLENTY of our Europe trips



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Home to canals and boats that may overflow the entire city one day (thnx Global Warming), get to the beaut city of Venice asap.  

Things to do in Venice, Play & Pause edition: 

  • 📚 Get lost in a maze of literary goodness at Libreria Acqua Alta. 
  • 🛶 Sway along Venice Grand Canal on a gondola ride. 

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Things to do in Venice, Get Social edition: 

  • 🍸 Hit up Skillà Bar for affordable cocktails and a lit atmosphere. 
  • 🎻 Listen to live music and dance around St. Mark’s Square in the evening. 

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Travelling to Rome with us? Trip Leader Kate’s got some spots she rates. They’ll be unlocked before you depart for your trip 🍨 #topdeck #traveltips #traveladvice #rome #italy #topdecktravel

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Italy’s capital where you can throw coins into Trevi Fountain, spot iconic sights like the Colosseum and sprint up Spanish Steps with a burst of energy, here’s a few Topdeck reasons why you wanna visit Rome this year.  

Things to do in Rome, Get Social edition: 

  • 🍦 Gather the gang for a massive gelato sesh at Fatamorgana. 
  • 🍹 Check out some of the rooftop bars for cocktails and mocktails. 

Rome via Central Europe Highlights done the Get Social way? You got it. 

Things to do in Rome, Play & Pause edition: 

  • 🍝 Get alll the wine and pasta on an optional food and wine tour of Rome. 
  • ⛪ Take in the glorious atmosphere of Vatican City on an optional guided tour.  

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Make eyes at Florence, a city filled with art, beauty and grandeur. It’s also the capital of Tuscan cuisine AND the birthplace of gelato. Not convinced for your 2024 Florence tour? Keep scrollin’. 

Things to do in Florence, Play & Pause edition: 

  • 🌅 Stroll along the River Arno to watch the sunset.  
  • 🍨 Enjoy Florence gelato – and compare it with the good stuff you tried in Rome. 

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Things to do in Florence, Get Social edition: 

  • 📸 Find the vintage photobooth on Via Santa Monica and pile in with your mates. 
  • 🍷 Stop by some wine windows for a real Tuscan treat. 

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We know you know the bucket-list thing to do in Pisa. There’s other stuff too!  

Things to do in Pisa, Delve Deep edition: 

  • 🌹 Visit the oldest botanical garden in the world, Orto Botanico di Pisa. 
  • 🛍️ Wander down Borgo Stretto, filled with colourful townhouses and shops. 

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