Curious about what exactly makes Japan such a goddam amazing country to visit? 

Wonder no longer! We’ve made a LIST of 19 weird, wonderful and downright whacky things Japan has to offer.  

*Coincidentally* all these things are also included or optional experiences on our phenomenally good Delve Deep: Japan trip. Just saying. 

1. Flossing’s back 

Tokyo’s Harajuku district = catch some giant rainbow fairy floss in the wild. 

2. Cross it off your list 

Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo is the best kind of crazy. 

3. Fish for compliments 

Upgrade your pancake skills with a taiyaki-making class (that’s adorable fish-shaped cakes to you and me). 

4. Change your tune 

Karaoke. Tokyo. They go together better than Vegemite and peanut butter (iykyk). 

5. Say hi to Hida 

Soak up some olden-day Japan vibes at the beaut Hida folk village near Takayama. 

6. Bite the bullet 

Disclaimer: don’t bite the Shinkansen (aka bullet train) – it’s hard, metal and tastes like chicken (probably). 

7. Ryokans rock 

Sliding doors, futons, tatami mats… staying in a ryokan is peak authentic Japan. 

8. For goodness sake 

FYI: in Japan, it’s rude to drink without saying cheers first. Kanpai! P.S. don’t down sake – sip it (you know who you are 👀).  

9. Memory-making memorials 

Delve deeper into Japan’s wartime past at the Atomic Bomb Dome and Hiroshima Peace Memorial. 

10. Deer-y me 

Miyajima. Gorgeous island. Iconic shrine. Cheeky af deer (warning: they will eat everything you own. EVERYTHING). 

11. Get your onsen on 

So good and steeeaammmmmyyy. 

12. You’re blossoming 

Japan’s always knockout, but Osaka Castle in cherry blossom season? *Chef’s kiss* 

13. Pray for me 

Activate your inner zen with a morning Buddhist ritual and fire ceremony. 

14. Rise and shrine 

You’ve seen Fushimi Inari Shrine on the socials. Now experience it for real

15. (Bam)BOO! 

Actually would be pretty spooky to be lost in Arashiyama Bamboo Forest after dark 👻 

16. UFOs (Unidentified Fishy Objects) 

Nishiki Market in Kyoto is here for all your seafood- and pickle-related needs. 

17. G’day geishas 

Kyoto’s super atmospheric Gion district is famous for its geishas and maikos (apprentice geishas). 

18. Beware of beasts 

Check out Yokai (‘Monster’) Street in Kyoto – almost as scary as your latest Hinge matches. 

19. Anyone for boxing? 

Bento boxing, that is. Much less violent (until someone steals your boiled egg). 

You read all 19?! ⭐ for you.  

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