When you get to Scandinavia you’ll want to hang with a moose.

First you are going to have to find one. It’s going to suck.

Start off in these swampy, gross meadows.

Lapland, Sweden


In Southern Sweden

At night finding moose is boooooooring.

One Night in Sweden

Try not to get distracted by these…

Sodertalje, Sweden 044 - Church/Iglesia

Or this.

Stockholm, Sweden 064 - Drottningholm palace

Not even this.

Don Quixote at Sweden ...

Try this time of day.


Then once you find one…

Silly Moose

There are a few rules to follow.

Rule 1: Blend in.

King of Sweden Moose Hat

In this image: The King of Sweden (seriously).

Rule 2: Only incredibly good looking blonde girls may feed them.

Moose and girl

Rule 3: Don’t be fooled by imitations.

Pug Moose

Not a moose.

Rule 4: Have a drink with one. They’re really good at sharing.

Moose drinking

Rule 5: Don’t let them drink too much or you’ll have to help them home.

Drunk moose

If you stay on track and keep your eyes on the prize, you could end up being this guy.

King of Sweden

We love this guy.

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