Picking the perfect destination for your next overseas trip is probably the hardest part of planning time away from the daily grind. But fear not – we’ve got your back.

Read on to find your fave food and we will tell you where your next big trip overseas is headed, satisfying both your hunger craving and adventure craving.

Do you live for pastries (or anything sweet and delicious!)?

Even though the French didn’t actually invent the croissant (*cough* it was the Austrians), France is home to some of the best pastries in the world and of course, all things sweet.

Make sure you see all the sights, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Monet’s Garden before you stuff your face with all the éclairs, macarons, Napoleons and pain au chocolat that you can handle.

Do you dream of carbs, carbs and more carbs?

Pasta. Gnocchi. Bread. Pizza. Mmmm, that’s the stuff. Any guess where you can find an endless supply of the above? Italy!

Italy is the only place where you can carb load until your stomach can’t handle any more. You might think you know what to expect in Italy but unless you’ve been there, you cannot fully understand what you’re in for. Prepare for. So. Much. Food.

Do you crave WTF-adventurous food?

So you want to impress your mates with your terrifying food choices? Have you considered crispy tarantulas in Cambodia? This deep-fried snack is hugely popular all over Cambodia. Apparently it tastes a bit like crab. #Whoknew.

Topdeck Travel Asia Food

Are your taste buds always looking for comfort food, aka ‘meat and potatoes’?

We get it. Sometimes you’re just not up for experimenting with unfamiliar flavours and cuisines. But you know what? Germans have got your back. In the land scattered with restaurants full of the good old classic meat and sausages with potatoes in all forms, this is heaven for fussy eaters. All you need now is a pint of beer to wash it all down. Prost!

Does your life revolve around super-healthy food?

Want to explore but don’t feel like indulging in super heavy, indulgent food every day? Travelling while staying healthy has never been easier than in Portugal where the cuisine is full of simple, locally sourced dishes oriented around seafood. Think steaming shellfish stews with a side of fluffy white rice or consider the traditional cod-based dish served in a million and one ways. Yum.

Does the sound of a fresh pint being poured give you goosebumps?

Who doesn’t love a cold beer after a day of exploring? Besides being insanely beautiful, Prague has some of the best (and cheapest!) beer you’ll find in the world. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Does your daily agenda follow this pattern: Eat cheese. Sleep. Repeat?

There really is no better place on Earth to satisfy your cheese cravings than in the birth place of fondue – Switzerland.

Not only is there an insanely large selection of cheeses in every regular supermarket, but the cheese just tastes better in Switzerland. Also, don’t you dare even think about going to Switzerland without trying the traditional cheese fondue.

Topdeck Travel Switzerland Fondue Food

Are you always counting down the minutes until your next burger?

Come on now, we all know the USA is the king of all things burger related. We know it’s a cliché but when you’re in the USA, make your burger dreams come true. The only question is where can we find the best burger? Comment below with your best USA burger recommendations.

Topdeck Travel Food

Do you crave fresh fruit every damn day?

If it’s deliciously sweet fruit you’re after, Thailand is the place to be. A stroll through any fresh food market will result in buckets-full of the tastiest fruit you’ve ever had. We recommend the Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok for the tastiest fruit around.

Are you are dependant on takeaway pies or an authentic on-the-go foodie fix?

When it comes to the good old classic pies, nothing beats a traditional Aussie meat pie. Perhaps not what Australia is best known for, but you won’t find a pie as good anywhere else!

 Topdeck Travel Food

And you’ve got a seriously stunning landscape to explore while you’re at it.

Do you lust after a taste of the ocean?

Fresh seafood has never tasted better than in Japan. From fresh grilled fish to the most incredible sushi in the world (of course) all the way to monkfish liver, jellyfish, sea snails and Tuna eyeballs.

Japan really is a wonderful and strange world full of delicious seafood for the timid and the incredibly brave.

Hungry yet?

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Maja Bezgovsek
Currently working in the Marketing Team at Topdeck Travel, Maja is an insatiable explorer and avid traveller. Born in Slovenia, Maja can be found searching for the next language to learn (already conquering five!) or off in her car searching for an epic road trip across Europe.