First of all, let me explain that deadly actually means awesome in the Irish English dialect.

With so much to see and do in Dublin – safe to say you won’t be bored. With almost everything within walking distance of each other makes Dublin the perfect city to explore for a short break.

As told by a local, read on for seven deadly things to visit in Dublin.

Things To Do In Dublin

1. Walk through the Dubh Linn Gardens. 

These gardens sit on the site of the Dubh Linn, meaning Black Pool, of the River Liffey, where the first Vikings came ashore in the 9th century and founded a trading settlement, giving the city its name – Dyflinn in Norse.

While you’re there, next to the gardens is the Chester Beatty Library, a treasure trove of the printed words from across the world, with manuscripts, prints, drawings and holy books spanning over 2,500 years old and all free to view.

Things To Do In Dublin

2. Marvel at the Bog Bodies. 

The National Museum of Archaeology is also free and just like Ireland, it’s small but perfectly formed, covering thousands of years of history.

The must-see exhibits are the bog bodies – unlike any mummy you have ever seen. These Iron Age people have been amazingly preserved in their watery graves, the peat bogs which are common across Ireland – skin, hair and even eyeballs remain frozen in time.

Things To Do In Dublin

3. Take a look at St. Patricks Cathedral. 

Possibly one of the greatest Irish men ever to have lived…we have him to thank for an international day of drinking, introducing Christianity and, eh, getting rid of snakes?

To discover the real story of Saint Patrick, a visit to the Cathedral is a must, where the man himself is said to have baptised people in the 5th century.

4. Get educated at Trinity College. 

Trinners for Winners, as we jokingly *cough* jealously say. The oldest university in Ireland, founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592, is also the most prestigious university, and its central location makes it an easy choice for visitors.

If you are more of a scientist than a book worm, check out the Science Gallery which has interactive exhibits – one currently examines the rise of artificial intelligence, including sex robots!

And if your feet are tired from all the cobblestones you can stop off at the The Pavillion sports bar for a cheap pint with plenty of outdoor seats and students to mingle with.

Things To Do In Dublin

5. Check out Moore Street. 

From the grandeur of Trinity College to ‘real Dublin’, it’s just a quick hop across the river to Moore Street. This is the only remaining street in the inner city where traders sell their wares on carts – from flowers, fruit and fresh fish. Moore Street is also historically known as the site of surrender of the leaders of the 1916 Rising, the failed rebellion against the British, which ultimately led to the Independence of Ireland.

In recent years the many communities in Dublin have opened shops on the street, reflecting the changing face of Ireland and making the street even more vibrant.

Things To Do In Dublin

6. Walk through South William Street. 

Pop back over the Liffey and walk along one of the most buzzing streets in the city, just a few minutes’ walk from Temple Bar but offering a more authentic cultural experience.

Vintage shops, restaurants, trendy hair and nails salons, cafes, pubs and music venues vie for attention on this elegant Georgian street. From Grogans, famed for its ham and cheese toasties, perfect pints of Guinness and old school vibe (no TV screens or sound system) which attracts a literary, arty crowd, to Pygmalion just across the road, popular for its delicious cocktails, hipster vibe and banging club nights, there is something to suit everyone.

A delicious twist on my favourite Surf and Turf is served with Prawns Pil-Pil and Salsa Verde. For a very Irish cocktail try The Elder Pyg – Jameson whiskey and Rhubarb Bitters – a drink even my granny would enjoy!

Topdeck travel Europe Ireland Dublin

7. Take a spin on the DART. 

Forget the sightseeing buses crawling through city centre traffic – jump on the DART, the train which travels around Dublin Bay, through spectacular scenery to picturesque destinations. You can go north to Howth, a small fishing village, and hike up Howth Head for stunning views over the entire of Dublin Bay.

After working up an appetite munch on Beshoffs famous fish and chips, which they have been perfecting since 1913!

Topdeck travel Europe Ireland Dublin

All that’s left to say is Céad Mile Fáilte to the City of A Thousand Welcomes!

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