Sometimes, even the most experienced travellers may find themselves taking caution before their next adventure after hearing various travel myths that exist.

We think it’s about time we bust some of those pesky myths. Read on to find out more.

Travel myth #1: Travelling is super expensive.

Travelling overseas can be expensive – but it doesn’t have to be. If you do your research (and you do it well) you can find some surprisingly affordable accommodation options. As long as you don’t go wild spending excessive amounts of money on over-priced food and drink, you’re not going to be breaking the bank.

Also, make sure you do your research on how to get the cheapest airfare tickets and do everything you can to save on flights

Travel myth #2: You need a friend to go travelling with. 

One of the most amazing side effects of travelling is the moment you realise just how independent you become once you set foot outside your comfort zone. Even if you’re out exploring the world on your own, you’d be surprised how quickly you meet other solo explorers and make instant friends.

Travelling with an organised group is also one of the best ways to make new friends you can then explore with in the future!

Travel myth #3: You can’t settle down and keep travelling.

Now this one is just wayyyy out of control. There is no reason that you can’t go exploring together with your partner. Why not share the adventure together?

Travel myth #4: You can’t keep a stable job while travelling.

We’ll admit, this one may be a bit more difficult. Some jobs are a lot more flexible than others, and other employers will be more then happy to help accommodate to your travel goals. Also to keep in mind that trips don’t have to be long in order to be incredible. Some of the best trips can be a simple weekend getaway that you will remember for a lifetime.

Travel myth #5: Group tours are only for party animals.

There might be some people who enjoy a night out, however, there will always be a mix of travellers who prefer to focus on history and culture. Whatever you choose to do, there will always be someone looking to share the same agenda and adventures.

Travel myth #6: You should always search for new places to explore.

In some ways, we agree that discovering new places is wildly exciting. But the idea that you constantly need to look for something new to be an experienced traveller is simply not true. There is nothing wrong with returning to a place you’ve already visited and loved. In fact, this might even make you more of an explorer because every time you return, you will learn something new and gain an even more authentic experience.

Travel myth #7: Travelling is a waste of time that should be spent studying or working.

Travelling is so much more that having fun (although it is also very much that!). There are certain lessons you learn on the road that you simply cannot learn anywhere else. Travelling is one of the best forms of education that not only opens your mind to look at things from a different perspective, but also turns you into an incredibly independent, resourceful, and confident person.

Travel myth #8:  You’re not a true explorer unless you’ve travelled alone.

Sure, backpacking through Asia by yourself with no ties to the outside world sounds like an ultimate travel adventure. And we totally respect that. But you know what? Travelling with a group of people who are just as excited about the trip as you are doesn’t make the experience any less authentic – in fact, it only makes it more fun!

Travel myth #9: You need to travel overseas to explore the world.

Of course, we are big fans of a grand overseas adventure, that’s no secret. Exploring a completely different part of the world is one of the most exciting experiences you could gain. But don’t forget that there are a million incredible sights in your own country calling to be explored. Sometimes, the best adventures are waiting for us closer to home than we might imagine.

Feeling inspired to bust some of those myths yourself?

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Maja Bezgovsek
Currently working in the Marketing Team at Topdeck Travel, Maja is an insatiable explorer and avid traveller. Born in Slovenia, Maja can be found searching for the next language to learn (already conquering five!) or off in her car searching for an epic road trip across Europe.