Just imagine your fave city. Think: what would they look like on dating apps? Cheeky or chill, naughty or nice? Let’s see whether your dream destination could be your perfect match.

Byron Bay

Bio: ‘Pretty chill and keen for some fun. Beach’.

Byron is a hipster in every sense of the word, oh, and obviously, a vegan. When Byron is not surfing, you will find them jamming out at music festivals, swishing that long wavy hair around.

Byron’s profile photo features a selfie next to a hippy van, channelling a blue steel look. You ask, “What’s with the van?” and Byron responds by saying houses are #toorestrictive. Careful not to refer to them as a tourist. Byron is a wandering soul connecting with the earth, duh.

Dating Apps Topdeck Byron Bay


Bio: ‘Loves outdoors, motorbikes, camping, snow, rugby. Anything fun. Always up for an adventure’.

You read this bio and wonder whether QT is looking for a companion or a best mate. From your convos, it’s clear that the rugby obsession is next level and that they’re super proud of their Maori tattoo. QT is the typical ‘up for an adventure’ type. Unless you suggest an exciting activity, their replies take light years to surface. Does a six hour hike count as a date?!

To prove QT is connected to nature, there are candid photos of them in the wilderness surrounded by mountains and lakes. In other photos, they wear woolly jumpers and a cheeky expression that is anything but sheepish.


Bio: ‘If you’re not a normal, traditional, conforming human then hit me up’.

Tokyo is eccentric and refuses to follow the crowd. Cue an opening greeting saying: ‘karaoke?’, an offer you genuinely think about considering that photo of a cat draped around their neck freaks you out.

The date consists of them passionately declaring their love for modern gadgets, science fiction films and anime between tragic songs. Knowing this romance won’t blossom, you part ways.

Dating Apps Topdeck Travel Asia Japan Photo

Las Vegas

Bio: ‘Here for a good time, not a long time’.

LV is impulsive, the life of the party and a risk taker. To prove that LV is dangerous, you see they’re jumping in a chopper to fly over The Strip in their profile pic. Yawn. All other photos are of intoxicated nights out.

LV is not a time waster, which is evident by the Snapchat username which is followed by a wink face and an eggplant emoji. It’s no surprise when LV messages you to say ‘You out?’ late on a Saturday night.


Bio: ‘Six foot three worth of good banter, bad jokes and terrible coordination. Law and Marketing student’.

Don wears all black. Don talks fast and walks even faster. They’ve got that old school charm that’s impossible to resist. A retro soul, they’re into old school blues and watching the history channels on TV.

When you discuss travel, they reveal they hate the heat – mostly because they burn easily. Although, they’re not worried about smoking those cigarettes.

Topdeck Travel I Love London


Bio: ‘Work too much, sleep too much, bang too much’.

Berlin describes themselves as a muso, evident by their wardrobe of skinny jeans and effortlessly good hair. Their main photo shows a drum kit, whilst other photos reveal a love of street art to achieve Instagram-worthy shots.

Keep an eye out for the totallllly believable candid photos of leaning against a stranger’s Audi, just for show. Berlin asks whether you’re keen on the affordable room they’re renting out. An opportunist. Finally, Berlin invites you for ‘some beers’ after a gig.

Dating Apps Travel Topdeck Berlin


Bio: ‘Coffee is life. Swipe left if you don’t appreciate the finer things…’

Judging by the mirror selfies of them in designer clothes, Milan spends more money on their appearance than you do. Obviously proud of being snapped next to some famous soccer player, Milan soon messages you with the cheesiest pickup line you’ve ever heard. Smooth…

Topdeck Travel Italy Dating Apps

New York

Bio: ‘Here for work. If my job won’t make you fall in love with me then I don’t know what will’.

NY never sleeps. During the evenings, NY is taking mirror selfies of leg ‘gains’ at the gym. NY’s teeth are bleached and skin is tanned to perfection. NY boasts about frequenting exclusive rooftop bars and photos feature NY surrounded by beautiful and affluent friends.

NY frequently expresses his preference for taxis over Ubers. The convo ends when NY discovers you can’t advance their career by putting in a good word with a casting director or model agency recruiter.

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Megan Clewer
Based in Adelaide, Megan is a university student who has a consuming passion for travel. When she’s not planning yet another adventure, you’ll find her at the beach with her dog, front row at a concert and searching (unsuccessfully) for love. She’s about to embark on another Topdeck trip which will see her road tripping across the West Coast of America.