Like everyone else, my social media feeds are flooded with flight deals, travel inspo and picture-perfect scenes. Sometimes, we’re led to believe that travel is a miraculous gift that can instantly cure the monotony of regular life. But what’s the reality of travelling? Does it really solve everything?

Sure, travel helps to break down superficial barriers and lets us experience different cultures. It turns us into amazing storytellers. It fills our lives with awesome experiences and irreplaceable opportunities. It helps us to break out of our routine.

But what about the other stuff?

1. Travel can be hard on the body: don’t forget to take time out for yourself.

Travel can take its toll physically: from the blisters and sore muscles to the colds and fevers. Plus, it takes a lot of energy to try and make the most of your time exploring every day.

With the mentality that you have to seize these opportunities, it’s hard to slow down and give yourself the opportunity to take care of Number One.

So, don’t forget to take some time out for yourself to simply relax while you’re travelling. Hey, it’s ok to spend a day napping by the pool or reading your book in the nearest park.

Being with yourself and your thoughts is just as much a part of travelling as sightseeing and exploring.

2. Travel will change you for the better. 

Some of us set off travelling believing that we’ll come back a changed, happier and more lively person. We want to have the most awesome experience, the one you don’t read about in the travel books, the one that makes everyone at home jealous they weren’t there.

But sometimes, the greatest change that comes with travelling is just the change in scenery. The excitement of being in a new place, the new foods on offer and the new friends you meet could be the ticket in helping you to start shaking off what made you want to escape your everyday life in the first place.

Don’t forget though, things take time. Sure, you may feel rested and armed with a better perspective about what matters in life when you come back home after travelling. But, it’s wise to remember that problems don’t just disappear overnight. In saying that, travelling can definitely be a good starting point that’s for sure.

3. We only make the changes we’re ready to make.

Maybe this is the real reason why we travel: to chase the feeling that things could be better, just at the end of the cliff jump, or in another city. That just after that next experience, we’ll be able to find solace.

And sometimes, it happens. You lose yourself in the streets of Paris or find an awesome speakeasy in New York or bask in the beauty of Halong Bay and the worries do start to fall away. But they’re not always completely gone.

So, why travel at all? Why not just stay home, in the comfort of what we know?

Because despite all this, travelling is still the best thing you’ll ever do.

I’ve personally found cities I don’t like, in the same way that I’ve found cities that I’ve loved. I’m not always happy but I’ve also had moments where I’ve never felt happier. But regardless, you’ll always feel yourself changing and evolving every single day you’re on the road. And that’s something pretty special.

Travelling might not solve everything. But, it’s sure a great place to start.

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Tiff Ng
Born and raised in Sydney, Tiff is not your average travel cliche. Ditching the 9-5 to travel the world, you can find her getting lost in the city trying to find the best hidden gems or underground bars.