Travelling is arguably the most fulfilling experience you could ever dream of. So if you’re a first-time traveller and don’t know what to expect, here are some tips to make the most of your travels.

1. Talk to the locals

They live here and they’ve got the 411 on where to eat, drink and explore. So, not only are they going to lead you to some of the coolest places, but because these hidden gems are off the tourist trail, they’re often gonna end up cheaper too. Winning!

2. Make an effort to meet people from around the world

One of the best parts of travelling is meeting new people from all across the globe. It may be daunting making ‘the first move’ but everyone is in the same boat. So, strike up a convo and see where it takes you.

You may even become travelling buddies for the next two weeks and or end up being best friends for life.

3. You do you

This piece of advice doesn’t just sit with first-time traveller. It also applies to those travelling in a group or with a friend. Yes, it’s great to have someone by your side to experience riding the gondolas through Venice with or snorkelling in the beautiful waters in Australia. But at the end of the day, this your trip.

If you want to go on a hike but they’re more into shopping, don’t hold back. Go on that hike. Check out those amazing views and have an experience you will never forget. It’s all about you. You can see them for a beer at the bar later. 😉

4. Try speaking the local language

You’ll definitely gain more respect from the locals by showing you appreciate their culture. Plus, it doesn’t have to be anything too complicated! For instance, you could learn a few basics before you go such as hello, goodbye, thank you and directions. It doesn’t take much, but it can make the world of difference.

5. Try the food

There’s so much weird and wonderful food around the world that you’ll never get to try at home. You only have to do it once, go on 😉

6. Embrace the awkward

Let’s be honest fellow first-time traveller, there will be massive cringe moments and awkward language barrier moments. But they’re guaranteed to add of lot of laughs and memories to your trip. These things always make for the best stories to tell once you get back home.

7. Travelling on a budget? No problem

The more you save on things like food and accommodation the more you have to spend on amazing adventures and experiences. Hostels are always fun and have really gone up in the world. So, just take the time to shop around and find one that suits you.

Included breakfasts often serve some authentic cuisine. You can also try some street food: a good money saver and great cultural experience.

8. Make the most of every opportunity

This is such an important one. You never know if and when you’ll be back so grab on to every opportunity. And try not to waste too many days hungover in bed!

Be sure to check out the cool quirks and unique attractions of your destination. I promise that the things you see and do on whatever trip you’re taking will create memories that’ll stick with you forever.

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Lauryn Wilson
Originally from Sydney, Lauryn caught the travel bug after a history trip to Europe and a year living in the UK. 19 Countries later, the wanderlust just keeps on growing. Culture, food and art enthusiast, Lauryn’s always planning her next adventure.