Solo travel can be some of the most rewarding times of your life. Out of the comfort of your own country and your own friends, you’re able to experience new challenges, try new things and learn more about yourself than ever before.

If you’re thinking about travelling solo on a group trip, check out our tips to help you leave any anxious feelings you may have about travelling solo at the door.

1. “Hi, bonjour, hola, ciao”

Most group travel companies have forums or Facebook groups you can access before your trip. These are great ways to introduce yourself in advance and get to know your travel mates before you’ve even left.

Once en route, your Trip Leader will kick off the introductions in a fun and interactive way, so don’t be worried if you’re introverted or too nervous to make the first move. Lots of the travellers will be hitting the road solo-style, so you won’t feel alone.

2. Travel #squad assemble!

Before you know it, your wolfpack will begin to form. You’ll find your niche and will quickly become best friends with some of the group. Just make sure you don’t cut yourself off from the rest of your fellow travellers!

Make an effort within the first few days to try and talk to everyone and with the close friends you have already made, you’ll have a backbone of support.

Some solo travellers head home with a new life-long friend, but if you put yourself out there, you could come back with a new family!

3. Let loose

You’re young, you’re on holiday, you’re somewhere new and exciting. LET YOUR HAIR DOWN! Make the most of your free evenings and get in touch with your wild side.

Don’t be scared to have those cocktails. Sure it may be a Monday night, but when you’re on tour, every day is a Saturday. You can catch up on those zzz’s later: fiesta then siesta.

If partying isn’t your kind of vibe, there are tons of other options to fill those evenings. Explore local markets for a slice of foodie heaven, grab a ticket to watch a theatre performance, or simply pack a picnic and watch an epic sunset by the sea. This is the life.


4. Adventure baby!

Jump out of a plane! Hang glide off a cliff! Climb a volcano! Travelling in a group offers you once in a lifetime experiences and sharing those experiences with others will always bring people closer together.

So, don’t be afraid to go on that white-water rafting trip or to take the leap and do that bungee jump… chances are, someone will be right there by your side!

5. Question time!

People love talking about themselves. Fact.

And because there’s a million ways to start a conversation, don’t be afraid to ask someone more about their hometown or what it’s like to live in their country.

Equally, tell people about yourself, about what you love and what got you here. You’ll have more in common with your travel amigos than you first thought.

6. No worries

Say goodbye to high school drama. On the road, there’s no worries. You’re away from your norm so you can be whoever you’ve always wanted to be, and free from whatever negatives you’ve left behind.

Don’t worry about the past, don’t worry about the future, just relax and enjoy every second! Yolo is the motto after all.

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Laura Croft
Laura is a sports fanatic from Melbourne and is studying her Master of Teaching at university. She dreams of travelling all over the world teaching English and Physical Education to those from different cultures and backgrounds.