Whether you’re hitting up a gelateria in Italy or a country pub in England, a crêpe stall in France or a beer house in Germany, Europe is filled with local cuisine that’ll get those taste buds tingling.

Check out our ultimate list of unmissable culinary delights, in no particular order because how could we possibly choose…

1. Gelato
With endless flavours that are impossible to choose between, you’ll have your Instagram followers drooling when you post a snap of your cone in front of a famous Italian landmark.

2. Currywurst
Oh so much more than just sausage, ketchup, and French fries: Currywurst is the diamond of German fast food. How spicy you can go? Or if that’s not your thing, tuck in and enjoy a mild version of this hearty dish. Believe the hype, it’s legit.

3. Guinness
Head down to the Temple Bar district in Dublin and fall for the Irish charm as you give a pint of Guinness a go. It’d be rude not to!

4. Gouda cheese
Popular for a good reason, gouda cheese is Dutch gold. Okay, not literally, but you get the idea. Enjoy a slice or two (or three) as you admire all the Netherlands has to offer.

5. Paella
You can’t go wrong here. A mix of meats, veggies and rice, it’s a feast for your eyes as well as your stomach. Check out the food markets in Barcelona, Spain such as La Boqueria for your paella fix and to watch it being freshly cooked in front of you.

6. Port
You can’t miss out on a glass of port when in Porto, Portugal. Combine with some cheese for a match made in foodie heaven. If you’re lucky, you might be able to snag a bottle from your hostel’s free food shelf. Score!

7. Belgian waffles
Drowning in Nutella and all sorts sugary goodness, these waffles are a must on any Europe food bucket list. Find a pop-up food truck and get your money’s worth of sweet treats in Belgium. Yep, we’re obsessed.

8. Apple strudel
Melt in the mouth apples + crisp pastry = a winning combo. Austria‘s finest, it’s one foodie experience you can’t go without.

9. German pretzel
Did you really go to Germany if you didn’t have a giant pretzel? They’re pretty cheap and pretty delicious. And with a ton of toppings and variations to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

10. Souvlaki
Meat and veggies grilled to perfection on a skewer can only mean one thing: you’ve made it to Greece! Served with bread and plenty of sauce, it’s pretty darn tasty and one not to miss.

11. Gyros
For the best kebab you’ve ever had, Montenegro has some seriously good gyros. For a quick bit to eat, this meat + salad + flatbread is the key and makes for a seriously good lunch.

12. Pastel de nata
A Portuguese egg tart pastry, these little gems are a favourite with the locals. Get involved with this vanilla and cinnamon goodness. Go on – you’ll love it.

13. Crêpes
Crêpes by the Eiffel Tower is always a good idea. All good things are topped with Nutella so while you’re admiring this French icon, chow down on a Nutella crêpe or if you would prefer, the savoury ones are unbeatable as well. We won’t blame you if you don’t want to share.

14. Pizza and pasta
It’s a given, but the pizza and pasta in Italy is the real deal. Cheese, tomato sauce and endless toppings, you’d be hard pressed to find it better anywhere else in the world. Legit.

15. Fish and chips
Could there be a more British dish? Fish and chips has to be on your menu when exploring the UK. Though mushy peas have a love-hate relationship with many foodies, they’re definitely worth a try to get the full Brit experience.

Ready to tick off some European food from your bucket list? Let’s go.

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Lauryn Wilson
Originally from Sydney, Lauryn caught the travel bug after a history trip to Europe and a year living in the UK. 19 Countries later, the wanderlust just keeps on growing. Culture, food and art enthusiast, Lauryn’s always planning her next adventure.