Morocco holds pride and place on the bucket list of many travellers. With a treasure-trove of activity and excitement as intoxicating as a strawberry-flavoured shisha and with a culture like no other, Morocco leaves you wanting more.

From exploring the mosques in Casablanca to camping in the desert, clubbing in Fes to surfing in Essaouira, there really is something to entice everyone.

Take a look at our tips to give you a heads up of what to expect in this awesome country.

1. Bustling bazaars

Ah, the excitement of Moroccan marketplaces! Known as “souks,” these markets will give you a sensory experience you’ll never forget. Stocked with loads of unique products, get ready to zigzag your way from stall to stall. Expect leather goods, colourful earthenware and amazing incenses and oils. Pro tip: don’t forget to barter!

Remember to keep your wits about you amongst all the excitement. An eye on your belongings and a simple shake of your head can keep the pickpockets at bay.

In general, Morocco is relatively cheap especially for the basics: food and drink. But, make sure you take some extra spending money to stock up on awesome souvenirs. Cue jealous mates when you get home!

Morocco Topdeck

2. Come rain or shine

Be prepared for the heat. July is usually the hottest month, with temperatures often soaring to well over 30 degrees. Flip side: January is often rainy. Think carefully about which clothes to pack to cater for the season and you’ll be good to go.

Under that dazzling sun, you could be tempted to rock cut-off denim shorts and a tank top. However, it’s best to respect local traditions and cover up in public.

Souks are filled with beautiful flowing tops, dresses and pants which will not only keep you cool but ensure that you fit in with the locals and don’t draw any unwanted glances or attention to yourself. Just make sure you leave enough space in your suitcase for your epic new wardrobe!

Morocco Souk

3. Fab flavours

Your taste buds will be super happy in Morocco. Foodie paradise awaits, and you may never want to resort to the old faithful of mac ‘n’ cheese ever again!

Tagines are seasoned with the most delicious spices, kebabs are cooked to succulent perfection and the mint tea will have you ordering it by the litre. And for you veggies, Moroccan tabbouleh, hummus and harira soup will satisfy your hunger. For some more foodie inspo, check out some of our top Moroccan food picks.

Morocco Topdeck

Morocco is a true cultural haven, a captivating country just waiting to be explored. Ready for the adventure? Let’s go.

Maria is an adventurous traveller who loves nothing more than buying a one-way ticket and seeing where life takes her. She has backpacked around Europe, volunteered in Nepal and spent weeks surfing in Morocco. Forever in search of sun and surf, she can’t help but feel a little restless when she isn’t planning her next trip.