Before you jet across the world seeking the adventure of a lifetime, brush up on our foolproof tips to ensure you make the most of your #epic journey.

1. Capture every moment.

Take a camera! Seriously. In years to come, you’ll thank yourself as you flick through folders of digital pics or when you’re filing your travel memories in a photo album.

If you are feeling arty, grab yourself a manual camera, buy some film and go old school. Not only will you look like a pro, your pictures will have that extra ‘wow’ and you’ll be able to hold onto the print forever. If all else fails, make sure to download a killer photography app. It’s a win win!

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2. Keep a record of your travel experiences.

Soak it all up, enjoy the moment and take it all in – but don’t forget to put some time aside each day and put pen to paper to document your experiences. While on the road, why not start a travel journal and let your creativity run wild?

Use train tickets or business cards, collect your own drawings and keep a labeled map of your travel route for an extra touch. If you’re looking for something less time consuming, try a video diary or simply try recording the moment on your iPhone to capture your surroundings.

Whatever you do, just remember the laughs and the long lasting friendships you make while on the road.

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3. Be opened minded.

Speak to locals, listen to fellow travellers and be sure to share your own incredible stories. Nine times out of ten you will walk away from each conversation enriched with new knowledge and inspired by an alternative way of life.

With each conversation you’ll only realise that you have SO much more to learn about the world – but isn’t that the best excuse to hit the road and travel further?

4. Take a book.

Fact: travelling will always involve time spent in transit, sitting on a lengthy bus ride or just waiting around. Make sure you grab something to read to fill the time.

Top tip: search for a book set in the location you are travelling in to give better understanding of where you are. Plus, it’s more fun!

5. Stress less and just go with the flow.

Just breathe. Take it easy. Chill. Before you step on that big jet plane for the adventure of a lifetime, it’s common to feel anxious about what lies ahead.

Just remember, not everything will go your way. Make the mishaps part of the adventure and channel your nerves into pure excitement.

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And the best tip of all? Sit back and enjoy the crazy adventure that is travel.

Ready to go? Check out the world here.

Alex Felstead
Alex is one of Topdeck’s Student Brand Ambassadors who loves to travel and has a passion for all things geography related! He is currently planning his next big adventure – to walk the Camino De Santiago this summer. Find some of Alex’s photography on @getawayvisuals.