Let’s face it. Getting down on one knee to ask those four words (you know the ones!) to your soulmate can be totally nerve-wracking.

Forget about extravagant marriage proposals – from meticulously planned flash mobs and personalised songs, to candle-lit gardens and surprise lunches, we’re all about popping the question on the road, the Topdeck way.

Read on for stories and tips from a bunch of past #Topdeckers who were brave enough to  propose on foreign soil.

Hiding the ring.
Arguably one of the most stressful elements of proposing abroad. Will your significant other accidentally find the ring? Will you lose it while travelling, or worse, will airport security bust your entire game plan? Avoid the potential stress of the above scenarios and keep the ring in your carry-on luggage, in a zip lock bag or hidden inside a pair of socks.

Dan, who proposed to James in Paris said “Whatever you do, don’t carry it on you, as you’re more likely to set the metal detector off. If you randomly get picked for a bag safety search, try placing a discreet note near the ring, explaining what’s inside to avoid the surprise being ruined. Just make sure you distract your partner at the time, and obviously get rid of the note on your way out.”

Embrace help from others.
Some prefer to keep the proposal a complete secret until the very last minute. For others, proposing abroad is slightly more stressful than usual, so prefer to seek comfort in getting help from fellow travellers and Trip Leaders.

Top tip: ask a trustworthy friend to capture the proposal on video or camera, allowing you both to relive the magical moment (and of course, their reaction) afterwards.

Choosing the spot.
Looking for the ultimate spot to get down on one knee can be a daunting one, with everything ultimately leading up to this moment. If you’re travelling during peak season, e.g in Europe, remember that the scenic location you have in your mind, may be riddled with tourists in reality. Make sure you enlist the help of your Topdeck Trip Leader who is sure to have witnessed a handful of proposals across the globe.

If you’re looking for that special spot where you can truly absorb the moment afterwards and enjoy a bit of privacy to soak up the moment, avoid (where possible) the tourist-y hotspots.

The Trevi Fountain in Rome, The Charles Bridge in Prague or Sagrada Família in Barcelona for example, are insanely beautiful, but not so great to propose next to.

Think: secret waterfalls, concealed gardens, cosy beaches, or quiet rocky cliffs. Brent from New Zealand says “Remember, if you’re in different time zones from your family, be sure to tell them before anything is posted up on social media, so they can find out directly from you and not their Facebook newsfeed!”

Deep breaths.
The number one commandment given by all romantic travellers is to take it easy, and stress less. Things might not go exactly to plan, so be prepared to react as needed on the day. The most important thing is to relax and enjoy every second, because apart from your nerves giving the game away, how many times are you going to propose?

Well, hopefully just this once, so just enjoy it!

ALSO, a huge shoutout and congrats to one of our #Topdeckers Riyadh who just proposed to his girlfriend on the Winter Express trip.

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Maria Eilersen
A meandering Danish New Yorker-turned-Londoner with a penchant for outlandish nicknames / PR girl @topdecktravel.