When life gives you lemons just say Phuket. Don’t get Krabi just Ko Phi Phi and relax.

I just punned the hell out of some of the best Thai islands you have to go and visit. There are more than a few reasons to visit these amazing places. Most of them include chillin’ out, relaxin’ and acting all cool, shootin some bball beside the pool.

Thailand is great because adulting can be stressful. I don’t like to adult. Sometimes I do, but it’s only when I can make money so I can go and play again. That’s just what Thailand’s great islands have to offer. A playground to forget about the real world and live in a cultural, natural and spiritual paradise.

Phuket’s a great place to set your roots. Just ask this tree.

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  Phuket also loves infinity pools. We all do.

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Live like a bamboo king.

  When your cab rank looks like this you’re doing good.

Don’t forget Koh Tao either. This place is…well just look at it. Magic had a baby with dreams and this came out.

  Another infinity pool? Yeah, that’s right. They need to become a more regular occurrence.

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This guy is not a masseuse but you still should visit him because Thai Boxing makes UFC look like a polo match. You can fight him yourself, if you want. Would not recommend.

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  For insane people THIS is nice and relaxing.


  Full Moon Parties. Which are code for: Holy wow that’s a lot of people, what do I do with this bucket? I drink out of it? Cool.

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Just in case things are getting too extreme. Remember THIS is what it’s all about.

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  But then again…this is good too.

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Holy colourful water batman!

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  If kayaks went to heaven, this is it.

Does Koh Samui do ugly? I don’t think it does.

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  Neither do the rest of the islands.

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Fire shows are the new Netflix.

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  Snorkel your butt off.

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That’s it I’m leaving right now.

Which islands are you going to? Let us know below!

Ben is an international man of mystery. Born in Wales, raised in Canada and now living on the east coast of Australia. He married an Aussie girl and now stuck in a sub-tropical paradise. He loves movies, basketball and most of all, travelling the world.