In the summer of 2016, I joined two of my best friends in what would be coined among us as one of the most unforgettable experiences of our lives. Through Topdeck, we were able to visit multiple countries across Europe on the 12-Day Essential Europe trip (and, of course, stuff our faces with the incredible local cuisine).

If you believe that food is never just food, you’ll love this list of the top ten vegan-friendly meals I discovered on our free days in Europe.

LONDON, England.
Before you start your trip in London, make sure you visit as many restaurants and cafés as humanly possible, but be warned – when you’re faced with insanely extensive options you will find yourself ordering far more than your stomach (not to mention budget) will allow.

Vegan Food Europe Topdeck Travel_UK_London

First, we visited Wild Food Café, in the heart of Neal’s Yard. The menu was overwhelming (in a good way) and we probably spent at least twenty minutes trying to decide what we would order.

Vegan Food Europe Topdeck Travel_UK_London_Wild Food Cafe

Next, we ventured to the Soho area – home to a number of amazing vegan eateries, Vantra Vitao being one of them. Be warned, this is not the place to go when you’re looking for a light bite and we ended up walking out with all types of vegan-goodness, of course beyond satisfied.

Vegan Food Europe Topdeck Travel_UK_London_Vantra Vitao_

Vegan Food Europe Topdeck Travel_UK_London_Vantra Vitao

Another must-visit foodie destination just minutes away from Vantra lies Yorica. If your Insta-feed is lacking colourful food shots, this vegan frozen yoghurt bar is THE place to go.

PARIS, France.
To be honest, I didn’t have very high expectations for Paris when it came to finding wholesome, hearty vegan food but was proven wrong by Hank Vegan Burger

Vegan Food Europe Topdeck Travel_Europe_Paris

 We came here twice and ordered the Tata Monique – a succulent veggie patty with a tomato and basil sauce and the La Rockeuse, a similar combination containing with figs and fresh rocket. Incredible.

Vegan Food Europe Topdeck Travel_Europe_Paris_Hank Burger

NICE, France.
I stumbled upon Caju Vegan by accident. Bored of waiting for my friends to finish eating their baguettes, I decided to wander the streets of the old town of Nice.

Vegan Food Europe Topdeck Travel_Europe_Nice

My entire experience at Caju Vegan was one of utter bliss. Here, we grazed on the Botanical Plate, the Aztec salad and the Bo Bun salad – all of which were made with fresh produce and of course, plenty of super foods.

Vegan Food Europe Topdeck Travel_Europe_Nice_Caju_

Vegan Food Europe Topdeck Travel_Europe_Nice_Caju

MUNICH, Germany.
You know you’re about to experience something amazing when you visit somewhere that a local has recommended to you – and Max Pett is an absolute must-visit when in Munich. Here, we shared a loaded antipasto plate, the creamiest ravioli and quinoa-stuffed tomatoes.

Vegan Food Europe Topdeck Travel_Europe_Germany_Munich

Vegan Food Europe Topdeck Travel_Europe_Germany_Munich_Max Pett

Hands-down, the best falafel I’ve ever discovered can be found at Falafel Vegano, located just outside La Boqueria in Barcelona.

Vegan Food Europe Topdeck Travel_Europe_Spain_Barcelona

Adding extra bonus points, we also found here a number of Middle Eastern sweets that had been vegan-ised, so you could only  imagine how excited I was!

Vegan Food Europe Topdeck Travel_Europe_Spain_Barcelona_Falafel Vegano

MADRID, Spain.
After a big night out, we were craving something healthy and nourishing to help us through a busy day of sightseeing. We stumbled upon a quaint little restaurant inside the Antón Martín market by the name of Botanique.

Here, we feasted on a three-course meal of Greek salad (with a to-die-for olive tapenade), a raw lasagne and a quinoa vegetable dish. The whole vibe of this place was brilliant, with a passionate owner and chef, rustic décor and one-of-a-kind menu options.

Vegan Food Europe Topdeck Travel_Europe_Spain_Madrid_Boutanique

Being a foodie, I thought I knew what a good acai-bowl tasted like. Umm, wrong! The acai bowls at Almalibre Acai Bar in Valencia were a total game-changer.

Vegan Food Europe Topdeck Travel_Europe_Spain_Valncia

We visited this place so many times that we quickly befriended the staff, who were always happy to chat and joke around with us. I opted for my acai bowl to be topped with “paçoca” – a Brazilian dessert made up of ground up peanuts, sugar and salt.

ATHENS, Greece.
One of my favourite things ever is finding little places that are owned and operated by people who are passionate and proud of their product, and put their heart and soul into sharing this with others. Zachari & Alati was just this kind of place. Stepping inside the café felt like you were stepping into the home of an old friend you hadn’t seen in a while – comfortable, familiar and homely.

Vegan Food Europe Topdeck Travel_Europe_Greece_Athens

We ordered a lentil and falafel salad and the plastos pie – an authentic Greek pie made from a beautiful blend of cornmeal, spinach and various Greek herbs. And, of course, served with a dollop of some of the tastiest hummus I’ve ever had in my life on the side.

Vegan Food Europe Topdeck Travel_Europe_Greece_Athens_Zachari Alati_

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Emily Smith
Emily is a recent psychology-graduate-turned-travel-enthusiast, who loves nothing more than spending her days basking in the sun, chasing waterfalls and a warm, freshly-baked falafel. She is currently planning a trip to Hawaii and Mexico (where she will of course be doing all of the above activities!). You can find Emily’s photography on @em.peachy.