Travel to Southern Spain, or Andalusia, should be on every traveller’s list. With endless sunshine, food and culture, a trip to Southern Spain through the likes of Granada, Seville and beyond, ticks all the boxes.

Still not convinced? Check out these 8 reasons why you should travel to Southern Spain / Andalusia ASAP.

1. The food there is unreal

travel to Southern Spain, tapas spain

Every time you order a cold drink (pro tip: try a dry Spanish sherry or a beer), you’ll be served free portions of tapas. Yep, you heard! The freebies are designed to be bite-sized and are the perfect snack.

As you travel around, you’ll find taverns on pretty much every corner. The most popular local haunts are unpretentious and often offer standing room only.

Be sure to try local specialities: eggplant drizzled in honey, raw and grilled seafood, Andalusian olives and of course jamón (ham). Jamón ibérico is famous for its special breed of meat and lengthy curing process (and has a price tag to match eek).

2. It’s totally acceptable to have dessert for breakfast

churros spain, travel to Southern Spain

With all those late nights at local flamenco joints, you might just find yourself having a late breakfast of churros dipped in hot chocolate. And it’s totally acceptable.

Plus, traditional churros aren’t covered in sugar – any excuse to feel a little less guilty 😉

Another popular dessert are piononos: a delicious rolled pastry topped with toasted cream and usually served with coffee. Count us in.

3. You can go exploring for incredible street art

granada street art, travel to southern spain

Wander by the river in Seville and you’ll find an impressive artwork by Spanish artist El Niño de las Pinturas. Look for the giant sleeping baby close to the Plaza de Armas bus station.

In Granada’s former Jewish Quarter, Realejo, El Niño has painted the streets with vibrant art inspired by animals, nature and the human form (including Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’).

If you’re heading to the sea, Malaga is the birthplace of Picasso. The streets here have been taken over by French street artist Invader, who pays homage to Pablo in his signature pixelated graphic style. Get your Instagram ready.

4. You can watch some fierce flamenco shows

flamenco spain, travel to Southern Spain

Seville is the capital of Spain for flamenco.

The beating heart of flamenco is the singer’s powerful voice, joined in rhythm with a flamenco guitarist and dancer 💃

When in Granada, the Sacromonte district (on the opposite hill to the Alhambra) is famous for its arty residents, colourful sunsets and flamenco shows held in caves. Pretty cool, huh?

5. The landscape here is pretty special

Alhambra Sierra Nevada Spain, travel to Southern Spain

Venture out from the bustling neighbourhoods and into Spain’s epic mountain range: Sierra Nevada.

Go exploring and uncover picturesque Pueblos Blancos (whitewashed villages with tiled roofs) tucked away in the mountains.

The hiking here is pretty incredible too.

6. The beach life is also something to write home about

Marbella Spain, travel to Southern Spain

The Costa del Sol is popular for a reason.

Rent a bike and coast down some of the cyclist-friendly pathways. Your only worry will be deciding where to stop for a swim and a coffee.

It’s a tough life.

7. You can learn about Andalusia’s fascinating history

Cadiz Spain, travel to Southern Spain

With ancient links to the Phoenicians and even Hercules (legend has it), the Andalusian region is home to some of the oldest cities in Europe, such as Cadiz (dating to 3,100 years ago).

Why not get lost exploring the Archaeology Museum and Al-Andalus Museum in Cordoba, Seville’s General Archive of the Indies and the Museo de Málaga.

History buff or not, save time on your travels to learn about this interesting history.

8. You can hop over to another continent

Marrakech North Africa, travel to Southern Spain

Today, Moorish influences are still weaved in with Andalusian culture and many travellers extend their journey into North Africa.

With only the strait of Gibraltar separating you from Morocco, why not add Chefchaouen, the blue city, or maze-like Marrakech to your holiday plans?

You only regret the holiday you didn’t take, right? 😉

Have our 8 reasons why you should travel to Southern Spain got you keen for a trip to the Andalusia region?

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