Australia’s got it going on. With some of the coolest (and most liveable) cities in the world as well as some unparalleled natural beauty, travelling around Australia is sure to leave a mark on your heart. Come check out these 9 photos of Australia that you won’t believe were taken there.

And yep, these places really do exist 😉

1. The south of Fraser Island is home to this beautiful view

Fraser Island photos of Australia

2. Fraser Island also has the awesome Maheno Shipwreck

Fraser Island photos of Australia

3. Nope, this isn’t Dubai, this is the Gold Coast 😍

Gold Coast photos of Australia

4. And this is the other-worldly drive to Grampians National Park *cue Jurassic Park theme tune*

Grampians National Park photos of Australia

5. The drive along the Great Ocean Road is also pretty freaking special. Here are the 12 Apostles for starters 😳

12 Apostles photos of Australia

6. The night sky at Uluru, Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park, is like nothing else. A sunset here will give you all the feels 🤗

Uluru photos of Australia

7. Melbourne can look super mysterious at night. Is it just us that wants to go explore?

Melbourne photos of Australia

8. This is a futuristic walkway in Sydney’s Wynyard Station

Sydney photos of Australia

9. And for a dose of nature, Mona Vale Beach (north of Sydney) is always a good place to start 😍

Mona Vale Beach, Mona Vale, photos of Australia

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