Solo travel is lit. There’s no denying it.  

You face challenges head on. You learn a little bit more about yourself. And that confidence finna shine bright like a diamond 💎 

BUT what about tour groups for solo travelers? Safety in numbers. Built-in besties. People who are as H-Y-P-E-D to jump into adventure. And allll the in-between travel moments that are just better shared.  

(dw love birds and bffs are also welcome on our trips 💖) 

What are those in-between moments, you ask? Well, sharing is caring so 👇

Swapping hella stories

people looking at the camera with dome ceiling in background

Ain’t nothing like learning the life stories of your fellow Topdeckers. There’s something about being on a social group trip. Away from the daily grind. In a place filled with new sights. New sounds. New E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. That space is sacred. Even if you neverrrr see your travel fam again, you’ve shared this moment. And there’s nothing more powerful than that.  

Playing games wherever (light-hearted) rivalry strikes

group of people playing cards

Whilst we always recommend living in the moment, phones are great for coach antics and hostel downtime. Heads Up! is a top way to challenge your opponents. Keep it travel-related and get on the Accents & Impressions category quick. Or go crazy and pick up a pack of cards instead 😉. Monopoly Deal Card Game, anyone?  

Being REAL silly together 

three guys recreating a statue

Get Social is all about having FUN. Meaning? Pretending to be statues. Eating ice cream until you’re sick. Cracking out the crazy dance moves (the weirder the better). Keeping straight faces after eating food you’d never eat back home. Skinny dipping at night. Harmonizing (squawking) at group karaoke. And zorbing at the speed of lightning. What’s adventure without the fear of falling flat on your face?

Sharing everythingggg 

man and woman sharing dessert in a square

We mentioned life stories, but that’s going in deep. Let’s keep this light. You’re finna share dorms (be a top mate and warn your travel fam about snoring habits). Shnackkkss (lots of ’em). Spotify handles (get making the travel playlist for allll the mems). Pillows (and luggage acting as pillows). TikTok fyps (duh). And glitter sparkle ✨ (plastic free, obvs 😉).  


two women lounging on the floor wearing sunglasses and summer clothes

Ngl, Get Social trips are quicker than an antelope running for its LIFE 💨. Jam-packed with heaps of bucket-list sights, iconic cities and group activities that hit different. Just sayin’. Late nights and early mornings are what makes this adventure a whirlwind. You gotta keep up. It helps when you’ve got awesome mates who feel your suffering… self-inflicted or not. Can’t share the pain (or find it as hilar) when you travel solo. 

Our conclusion: solo travel is incred, but group travel (especially on our Get Social trips 😏) will get you STOKED.  

Ready to meet your travel fam? Let’s goooo 💃🕺