Ready to inject 2023 with a dose of adventure?

✅ Travel to heaps of new countries.
✅ See bucket-list sights.
✅ Do. It. ALL. with a bunch of mates who finna become your besties for LIFE. There's nothin' like the mates we make when 8,000 miles away from home 💗

Top group travel activities? Not to flex, but that’s what we do best. Take a look 👇

(FYI, the incred activities you see listed below feature optional activities too – check individual itineraries for trip inclusions.)


Social group travel Europe edition looks a little like this…

Visit the cabaret in Paris

group of Topdeckers outside the Moulin Rouge in Paris at night

If ya can, can can! Iykyk. And if you don’t? Level up on the cult classic (Moulin Rouge) before headin’ to Paris on our Get Social: Central & Southern Europe trip (and HEAPS of others).

Mood? Lit.

Taste local beer in Prague

small group of Topdeckers enjoying a beer tasting session in Prague. Sitting at a long wooden table and laughing surrounded by beer glasses.

Wanna go on a tour of European cold ones that hit different? When in Prague, we’ve got you covered. Disclaimer: this activity is best done with your trip fam.

Pose your heart out in Pisa

Group of young adults posing together in front of the Tower of Pisa.

Pisa. It’s a CLEAR bucket-list item. Don’t be borin’ with the usual hands-up-leaning pose (been there, done that). Get down on the floor. Kick your foot out kung fu style. Break your back (but not really, obvs) and get bendy. Hit Central Europe QUICK 👊

Satisfy those taste buds on a Berlin food tour

Close up of person's hand picking up a large pretzel from a stack inside a clear box.

Calling all foodies! Head to the land of sausages, schnitzels and Sauerbraten (that’s a national German dish, FYI). Nothin’ says good food and good vibes like Berlin with your Topdeck mates. Stuff your faces. Taste the flavours. And thank the food gods you’ve got a second stomach for dessert.

Ski the slopes in Norway

Young woman sledding across a snowy bridge.

We love a Scandi ski sesh. Especially when done with mates. Who else is gonna laugh when you disgracefully plummet into a bed of soft snow? Already a pro? Flex those skills and whip down mountainsides on our Get Social: Scandi Express (Winter) trip.

Break for a cheeky Aperol in Italy

Multiple glasses of Aperol Spritz on decking beside a canal.

Italian sunshine beatin’ down on you? A cheeky Aperol with your new fam will quench that thirst. It’s kinda like Marmite: you either love it or hate it.

Try it on multiple Get Social trips like Europe Express or Central Europe Highlights.

Taste delish food with your mates

Group of young adults around a long, dimly-lit table, all smiling at the camera.

By the water. Aboard a boat. Around a few picnic benches. At a cute lil restaurant with cosy vibes. You get the gist. You and your awesome new mates are bundled together for food that slaps and even better company. Pending: Allll the good vibes. 

Skydive through crisp Switzerland air

Group of travellers dressed in orange jumpsuits, all smiling at the camera in front of skydiving school.

Fall through the sky and feel an AWESOME adrenaline rush like no other. We’re talkin’ spine-tingling, hair-raising, heart-hammering FUN. Are you ready? Cos the Big European is.

Stop for ice cream

Candid image of group of young travellers eating ice cream on an Italian street.

Who doesn’t love ice cream in Europe with mates?

USA & Canada

Nothing says adventure travel like USA & Canada.

Trek Jasper National Park

Scenic image of a wide river lined by large trees with large, snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Grab your mates. Lace those hiking boots up tight. And get ready to unleash the REAL adventure traveller within you. Getting lost in a sh*t tonne of trees never felt so fun. Let’s go Canada!

Hike the Hollywood Hills

Wide shot of the Hollywood sign

Work up a sweat on a hike up the Hollywood Hills to see what all the fuss is about. Will you feel like the main character in all of LA? Or are they just massive letters you kinda wanna climb? Don’t do it girl, it’s not worth it.

Stargaze at Lowell Observatory

A starry night sky

Travelling with us isn’t all go, go, go! Sometimes, the G.O.A.T. of group travel is taking a sec to lie there with your mates and gaze at the night sky. Look at where you’re at. You’re ticking off those travel dreams. Living your best life. And being the REAL you. Get to the west coast of the USA for a proper spesh moment of reflection.

New Zealand

Adventure travel on steroids. You ready for Get Social: New Zealand?

Have a TON of fun at Hobbiton

Group of young travellers crowded inside a Hobbiton home.

Grab your fellow hobbits (*clears throat* we mean trip mates) and adventure to the heart of Hobbiton for some real life film set fun. Don’t go tryin’ on any engraved rings tho 🙃

Quad bike through Tongariro

Get that heart racing with some REAL fast-paced fun. Race your travel buds through muddy waters. Roll down rough hills. And rev across rocky ground. This sh*t hits different.

Hit quirky af bars in Christchurch

Street view of Christchurch featuring graffiti, shops and bars.

Convince your mates to go on a legendary bar crawl through Christchurch (it won’t take much, trust us). This is where the hilarious mistakes are made. Stories are shared. And group travel mems are printed on your brain for LIFE.

Eat alll the burgers in Queenstown

Close up of hamburger with lettuce and tomato at an outdoor table setting.

Proper meaty bites. Veggie options. Delish flavours. Need we say more? Grab your trip mates and huddle around a Fergburger table in the heart of Queenstown for food that slaps.