Scandinavia is a hot spot in travel right now. With beautiful, interesting cities and stunning and diverse scenery, it’s a destination you don’t wanna miss.

I chose to see it on Topdeck’s Scenic Scandi trip, and it was the experience of a lifetime. It’s a trip that you want to be prepared for, so read on for my 5 tips and recommendations.

1. Get ready for some school camp fun.

Most of the accommodation on the tour is cute cabins at campsites. Remember to bring a sleeping bag and also a towel. If you’re travelling further after the tour, it may be worth purchasing a cheap sleeping bag that you can leave behind, so it doesn’t take up space in your luggage.

The cabins were well-insulated so you won’t need a thick one.

2. While the Scenic Scandi tour runs in the summer, it can get cold. And wet.

There’s no predicting what kind of weather you’ll get in Scandinavia. I had some sunny days, some wet days, and some cold days – there was also falling snow! Come prepared with warm clothing, including a waterproof outer layer.

Sturdy, waterproof footwear is also a good idea. Just don’t forget your sunscreen either!

3. Be aware that the weather can affect activities.

This is especially important to note when travelling in the colder seasons. Summer might start late or finish early so be sure to take this into consideration. I travelled on a late May departure, and although we couldn’t do all of the hikes (too much snow!), we did hike a trail behind our campsite instead. It led to incredible views. Sweet!

4. Summer in Scandinavia means daylight. And lots of it.

It’s an incredible experience – midnight, and still light outside. Wow! That is, until you try and get some sleep. Your body clock can be thrown off quickly, so remember to bring an eye mask.

5. With Scandinavian scenery comes Scandinavian prices.

Most meals are included on the trip, which your wallet and stomach will thank you for! However, if you’re staying longer, bear in mind that Scandinavian countries are more expensive than most. If you’re on a budget it could be worth stocking up at the supermarket.

Another tip: Tallinn, on the other hand, is on the euro and quite cheap. If you’re going to buy souvenirs for friends or family, consider waiting until Tallin to purchase them. #travelhack

Other tips:

  • If you’re planning on visiting the Munch museum in Oslo to see The Scream, call ahead. Although two of them are stored there, they are not always on public display.
  • Tallinn may not be as popular a city as others in Europe, but it’s very beautiful, especially the Old Town. If leaving the trip in Tallinn, I’d recommend staying an extra night, so you have time to get lost in its meandering, picturesque streets.
  • Make space on your camera and phone, and always have them charged. The trip isn’t called Scenic Scandi for nothing – you will see some truly stunning scenery that you’ll want to capture.  Get that Instagram ready.

Come check out the Scenic Scandi for yourself. 
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Jade Raykovski
Jade Raykovski is a graphic designer based in Melbourne, with a passion for reading, writing and travelling. She started off exploring the world through books as a kid, and now loves heading off on real-life adventures (with a Kindle and notebook in her backpack).