Genevieve Phelan
Genevieve Phelan Genevieve has an insatiable appetite for travel and a passion for writing. A bona fide Melburnian, Gen's hobbies include brunch hopping and coffee stopping. When she's not studying or interning, you can find her rigorously plugging locations into 'Places' on Instagram. She's restless with the desire to finally cross Aussie shores and become a professional globetrotter.
  • 5 Things You’ll Learn In Byron Bay. Byron Bay has the propensity to convert even the most urban city-dwellers into crochet-clad nomads. Salty shorelines, balcony bars and palm tree pandemonium make it the perfect fusion of beach and social scene. Read on for some Byron Bay travel truths and get ready to travel Australia. Within a few days of stepping into Byron […]
    August 7, 2017