Life feeling a little mundane this time of year? Counting down the minutes till you break for Christmas?

Let me guess – you’re caught in a repetitive cycle: get up, go to work, go home, watch Netflix, go to bed. You’ll travel next year when you have more money/time/energy.

Enough! Get your shiz together and bookmark this page RN – we’re counting down the reasons why you need to travel in 2018. Trust me, you’ll be out of this rut in no time.

9. It’s time to make your travel dreams a reality

Not to sound like an emo internet meme – but seriously, you’ve been sitting on this for too long.

2018 is going to be your year of travel. I can feel it.

8. You need to burst your bubble

No offence to your besties, but it’s time to meet new people. Why? It’s healthy, gives you confidence, inspiration and expands your support network.

There’s no better feeling than knowing you have a couch in every country on the planet.

7. Reward > risk

We live in a world that’s more connected than ever, so if it’s homesickness or fear holding you back, read this post.

Seriously, the hardest thing is booking the ticket. Once that’s out the way, the rest isn’t so scary. Promise.

6. It’s great to learn new skills

Nothing gets you out of a rut faster than new surroundings.

Travel gifts you with new languages, recipes, life hacks and so much more. After all, experience is the best teacher.

5. Gratitude is 2018’s attitude

If you’re scrolling through Instagram wishing you were here, there, had this, looked like that, then book a one-way ticket outta here.

Nothing teaches you how good you have it until you’ve gone. Perspective? Sometimes it’s important to go out and get some.

4. Do it for you

Stop waiting for your friends to commit. 2018 is the year of putting yourself first.

You deserve this trip of a life-time! So don’t let indecisive friends hold you back. You’ll regret it.

3. New year = new places

Nothing says ‘fresh start’ like travel plans to kick off the New Year.

Can we tempt you?

2. You need some maxo relaxo

Haven’t you heard – unplugging is the new black.

Why are you still reading this on your phone? Time to get out there.

1. Time is ticking my friends

I hate to be a downer, but you ain’t getting any younger.

We may as well have fun while we can. With me?

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Mitzi Wilson
Mitzi is Topdeck’s Content and Social Media maniac. Based in London, she’s gonna see the world and write about it. After trekking through jungle in Nepal, stacking it in snow in Japan, partying under the full moon in Thailand, eating ALL the things in Penang and living in a van for three weeks while road tripping from Vancouver to LA, Europe is fully on the radar. You can follow more of her adventures here.