Come check out our 8 ways to tackle homesickness to help you keep that travel dream alive.

“Are you alright?”


I can’t answer. I’m fighting back tears and am struggling to read the wine menu at the restaurant.

That was me two months ago, homesick AF. I’d been on the road for all of two months and I was missing my friends/family/dog. A lot.

One year later, I’m able to look back at that moment with some serious wisdom. “Stop crying” I’d say to myself, “Can’t you see this has been one of the most significant moves in your life so far? Chin up.”

Sometimes the idea of home is so romanticised. Sure, you might have FOMO fo’ real. But I’m here to tell you that the real adventure is away from home my friends.

Here are 8 tactics that I’ve used to overcome that homesickness, that what-am-I-doing self-doubt, and to help keep that travel dream alive.

1. Never lose sight of the goal

And that goes even for when your best mates plan an epic holiday to the Gili Islands and are Instagramming the eff out of it. Remember: your adventure spans longer than their week in Bali.

Sure, you’d give your left arm to get down with them on the deck of their private yacht. But you’re about to fly to Rome this weekend – remember? That’s right. You got this.

2. Plan a new trip

The solution to all problems is travel (can I get an amen?)

3. Repeat after me: home can be overrated

That’s why you left, remember?

4. Look through your pics

Look at how much you’ve accomplished. Fulfilment is an Insta feed full of adventures and wonderful memories you’ll never forget – amirite?

pictures collage how to tackle homesickness

5. Talk about it

Trust me when I say, you’re not alone in the homesickness department. Many a traveller has dealt with the dreaded homesickness.

Meet up with your bestie abroad or reach out on a community social page like Girls Love Travel, Aussies in London or Kiwis in London. Support is never far away.

6. Call home

Sometimes you just need reassurance that you’ve done the right thing. A familiar voice can help lift your spirits too.

7. Go for a walk

Fresh air does wonders for perspective and positive thinking. I guarantee, after 30 mins you’ll be feeling clear and refocused on your adventure.

8. Recognise that how you’re feeling is normal

It’s ok to feel homesick. It’s ok to feel down when a destination doesn’t meet your expectations. Allow yourself the time to recognise that how you’re feeling is totally ok and that it will pass. I promise.


There you have it! Homesickness is a totally normal part of the travel journey. And although it sucks, there are plenty of tactics you can use so that homesickness doesn’t get the better of you.

Remember: home will always be there for you when you’re ready to go back. Stop crying and enjoy that glass of wine.

You got this. 💪

Have you ever felt homesick? Tell us about your journey in the comments.

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Mitzi Wilson
Mitzi is Topdeck’s Content and Social Media maniac. Based in London, she’s gonna see the world and write about it. After trekking through jungle in Nepal, stacking it in snow in Japan, partying under the full moon in Thailand, eating ALL the things in Penang and living in a van for three weeks while road tripping from Vancouver to LA, Europe is fully on the radar. You can follow more of her adventures here.