I never understood group travel. Why would you want to spend your hard-earned holiday funds gallivanting around Europe with a bunch of complete strangers? The thought of making awkward small talk while cooped up on a coach was not my idea of fun.

Until I actually did it.

It started with an unforgettable sailing trip around the islands of Croatia. I lazed about under the European sun, enjoyed sumptuous meals at the signal of a bell, explored historic towns with our clued-up Trip Leader and posed cheerfully for Groupies (group selfies) with new travel friends. I was officially hooked.

Cue the dreaded post-group holiday depression and the next thing I knew, I was four tours down…and counting.

Why, you ask? It’s simple. Combine the ease of planning, with unique experiences, and the added bonus of lifelong friends and what have you got? A holiday of a lifetime, that’s what.

If you’re yet to experience a group trip for yourself, I think it’s about time you joined the bandwagon. Groupie, anyone?


If you’re one of those people who gets off on spreadsheets, tedious web browsing, cost comparisons and infinite research, well…congrats. You’re one-of-a-kind. But, if like the majority of us, you’d prefer to spend your precious planning time picking out the perfect beach-to-bar outfit than agonising over airfares, then group travel is for you. With most meals, accommodation, transport and those all-important bucket list activities arranged for you, the hardest decision you’ll have to make is pizza or pasta. Forget spending time and money on impersonal day trips or attempting to navigate your own way to far-out places; within a group, you’ll have the opportunity to visit those off-the-beaten-track destinations with like-minded company in tow.

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Plus, with a passionate and knowledgeable Trip Leader it’s like you’ve got an audio guide permanently attached at your hip.


If you ask me, you can’t put a price on convenience. Whether you’re fresh to the travel game and don’t know your Citymapper from your Skyscanner, or you’ve been travelling solo for a few weeks and just need a break from budget tracking, a group trip ticks all the boxes. As well as tying everything up in a neat little bow, tour companies work closely with loyal suppliers and hotel partners to provide the lowest rates possible, while ensuring the best ratio of price to experiences, quality, and service. In layman’s terms? You get more bang for your buck without having to do the hard yards.

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Love don’t cost a thing, J-Lo once told us. Except maybe the price of an airline ticket and a Topdeck trip. Yep, according to our recent stats, one in 11 millennials are hoping to find their significant other while on holiday. And in shocking news: almost triple the amount of men (one in eight, to be exact) are hoping to find their significant other while travelling abroad, compared to only one in 20 women. There’s no wonder, really. With all those happy holiday vibes coursing through your suntanned bod, a group trip serves as the perfect environment to strike up a romance. And with any luck, a lasting one at that.


Trust me. As someone who was robbed twice, had her luggage “lost” by an airline and ended up in hospital after an unsuccessful battle with a bed bug, I totally understand the whole “bad luck whilst travelling” thing. Although these unfortunate events are often inescapable, the sheer act of travelling in a group with a qualified Trip Leader dramatically reduces your chances of experiencing danger (or mishaps, for that matter). Whether it’s the discreet “code” to alert you of pick pockets, the presence of other passengers when you’d otherwise feel uncomfortably alone, or the reassurance that the tour company has your back, safety in numbers is really a thing. A seamless adventure? Yes, please.

Lasting Friendships

Let’s face it. Just like a packet of delicious instant noodles, group travel tends to bring with it instant friends. In a weird tour time warp, the period between your awkward introductions and teary goodbyes feels like forever, and the people you only knew as names on a trip list soon become your besties.

Yep, travelling in a group brings with it a whole bunch of heart warming – and practical – benefits.

Think: someone to help you navigate the streets of New York, someone to play endless driving games with, and someone to assist you in finishing that giant pizza in Rome. And really, ain’t nobody likes being that person in front of the Eiffel Tower trying to awkwardly manage a selfie stick.

Plus, the potential for fun multiplies. Because 1 + 1 = a barrel full of tummy-clutching laughter and “remember when” style memories. It’s basic math, people.

Ready? Let’s go!

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Alexandra Oke
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