We obvs know travel is awesome, it changes your life, you’re a better person after it etc. Notice how you don’t stop to mention how pear-shaped it can go when everything is dandy and sunflowers?

Did you ever stop to wonder what happens when it’s…not? Those niggling little stories that you think “that only happens in the depths of [insert random geolocation] where everything is topsy turvy and nothing is normal”. Well, it happens everywhere. Anywhere, anytime and without warning.

Bending over the Trevi Fountain and noticing floating money in it and realising it’s yours?

Giving your camera to a complete stranger and trusting them 100% with your most expensive possession, for them to drop it while fiddling with the lens? Because they were trying to be ~artsy~ and show off…

Or something as simple as getting your precious, just-bought Victoria’s Secret spritz collection confiscated at customs because you forgot to put in in your checked in luggage, NOT your carry-on *forehead slap*.

See if you can relate to a few of these:

This person who packed three converters and STILL none of them worked :/

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This dry shampoo confiscation. You know she kept that for herself.

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This impressive screen, seemingly trying to send seat 27B a coded signal from within its circuit board guts.

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Anonymous? Is that you?

This cat who just wants to come with ;(

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This raw/vegan side-of-the-road eggs and bacon.

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This disappointing message.

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And these unfortunate souls’ luggage.

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But we know what makes it all better is the memories we can fondly look back on and laugh at, as well as a good nourishing scoop of gelato to melt all your troubles away.

Has a similar or completely outrageous situation happened to you while overseas? Share with us below.


Alessia Castiglione
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