New Year, same old sh*t? How ’bout New Year, New You?

Nah, we’re thinkin’ the REAL you finna shine like a bejewelled glitterball in 2023 ✨

So, what’s on the resolution list? Apart from epic group travel vibes…

Losing weight?

two young women posing with pizza in Italy

We reckon you’re perfect as the REAL you, whatever shape or size that may be. BUT, we’re also all about respecting each other’s choices around here.

Eating healthily or stuffing your face in 2023? Either way, you’ve gotta taste what a new destination has to offer, right? There’s TONNES of delish dishes to try.

Want some inspo? 👇

  • Pizza from Rome to Venice.
  • Patisseries and pastries all over Paris.
  • Organic local eats at Christchurch Farmers Market.
  • Hearty stews, muesli and fresh fruits in Switzerland.
  • Spinach, eggs and ground beef aka Joe’s Special in San Fran.
  • Allll the Greek goodies (salad, souvlaki, gyro, moussaka and MORE).

Cutting out alcohol?

What about some social drinks that are gonna make MEMS? 👀

We’ll neverrrr force you to do anything you don’t wanna do. If you’re cutting out alcohol, that’s totes up to you. Mocktails exist for a reason, right?  

Whether you’re drinking or not, save your energy for an EPIC Get Social trip (you’ll need to. Trust us).

AWESOME places to party with trip mates? 💃

  • Emporium – Area 15, Las Vegas
  • Szimpla Kert – District 7, Budapest
  • The World Bar, Queenstown
  • Smallest Whisky Bar on Earth, Swiss Alps
  • Multilayerladen – Adalbertstraße 4, Berlin

Slaving away in the gym?

group of young travellers kayaking in Croatian waters. All are wearing blue life jackets.

This the year you FINALLY get in shape? Burn calories and feel good with us instead.

Would you rather…

  1. Work out in the sweaty gym with grunting strangers?
  2. Try somethin’ new with an awesome backdrop alongside travel bffs?

The REAL you will thank you. Pinky swear.

Group travel ideas to get you started…

  • Bike tour of Amsterdam.
  • Trek through Yosemite National Park.
  • Swim in the sea near Mykonos.
  • Climb a MASSIVE mountain (or two).
  • Ski down the Swiss Alps.
  • Dance your way through cities, day and night.
  • Plus, the 10k daily steps. MINIMUM. Obvs.

Having less Menty Bs?

Truthbomb: you can’t control what life throws at you. And we’re not bouta say a trip abroad is gonna fix your problems. But if you wanna have something lit to look forward to, here’s a quick step-by-step to take a min and make some mems.

  • Step 1) Get outside and breatheee some fresh air into your lungs.
  • Step 2) Hear that? That’s the world tellin’ you to go explore.
  • Step 3) Book a Get Social trip (IMPORTANT).
  • Step 4) Get a load of alllll the group travel activities. We’re talkin’ can-can shows, walkin’ tours of sh*t hot destinations, kayakin’ glorious waters, spesh vodka tastin’, draggin’ each other up iconic mountainsides. New experiences. New mates. And a new focus await.

Saving money?

Y’know the cliché sayin’… ‘[Group 👀] Travel: your money will come back, time won’t’?


It’s bloody true.

Not to get on THAT train (Life’s too short. YOLO – oof, embarrassing throwback) but you gotta live your best life. How to do it? Ghost the piggy bank and Book. The. Trip.

Jan Blues, who?