With seriously beautiful landscapes, crazy cool cities and sparkling pagodas, Myanmar is guaranteed to make your jaw-drop.

If you’re thinking about your next big adventure, make sure you visit Myanmar. Read on to find out why this up-and-coming destination should be at the top of your bucket list for 2017.

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So, where is Myanmar and how do you get there?

Fact: Myanmar is bigger in land size than CambodiaVietnam, South Korea and Sri Lanka combined – so it’s kinda of big deal.

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Fact: most temples you will visit are at least 1,000 years old. 

Bagan is the place to go to capture a piece of the past – with over 2,200 temples surviving from 1,000 years ago.

The Bagan Archaeological Zone is a UNESCO World Heritage Listed Site, and contains everything from temples, pagodas, stupas and monasteries, aka more than enough for you to be fully immersed in the culture of Myanmar.

Fun fact: Rambo was shot in Myanmar however is currently banned for distribution by the Myanmar Government.

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Men and women wear make-up, and it’s totally normal. 

We not talking about the Revlon, Maybelline or Urban Decay’s of the world. We’re talking about the traditional make-up called Thanaka, a yellow-ish paste made from ground bark. It’s usually applied to the face and arms of women and girls and more traditionally on the faces of Men.

The best part? It smells like sandalwood and is said to protect you from sunburn and is used to promote the natural beauty of the local residents in Myanmar – so cool!

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Myanmar Asia Topdeck Travel

It’s home to the biggest book in the world. #Booklife

For all of the book-lovers out there – this is probably one of the best (and most impressive) highlights in Mandalay. But before you get too excited there is no paper or ink involved.

The largest book in the word takes shape in the form of a stone tablets that stand up right in the grounds of Mandalay Hill. So, how many stone tablet,  you may ask? Over 1,460 pages, or 730 double-sided tablets measuring 1.7m wide.

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From snow-capped mountains and tropical forests = a nature-lovers paradise. 

Putao is a small village at the northern tip of Myanmar and boasts snowfall and seriously impressive views.

Not only is it beyond picturesque, this tiny area is mostly untouched by tourists – which leaves endless opportunities to fully immerse yourself in paradise. Also, take caution with search engines. If you google Putao Facts,  you will mostly be auto-corrected to potato fun facts

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Attention vegetarian friends – remember the word Thatalo!

The magic word for avoiding any living creature being served throughout your travels. Suprisingly, vegetarian-based dishes have always been part of the Burmese diet but it’s not an easily understood request.

‘Thatalo’ translates into ‘lifeless’ or ‘no living thing.’  Most food in Myanmar consists of soup topped with toasted sesame seeds or a hearty curry, taking culinary influences from neighbouring countries.

For breakfast, be sure to order ‘Mohinga’, containing catfish, banana stem and a tonne of ginger.

Myanmar Asia Topdeck Travel

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