Russia: a dazzling mix of history, wildly colourful churches, decadent food and more. Guaranteed, a  journey through this epic country will leave you Tstarry-eyed. 

For those brave enough to apply for a Russian invitation letter (Google it), here are our top five reasons to visit Russia.

1. To wrap your head around the history of the region.

From Lenin’s Mausoleum to the bold skyscrapers that stand tall in Moscow, a discovery towards understanding the vast history of Russia is best experienced first hand.

2. For an up-close look Russia’s craziest buildings.

Get ready for it. We’re talking some of  THE most beautiful mosaics you will ever see. Baroque and decadent structures dominate the landscape throughout Russia and are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression to satisfy the curiosity of architecture enthusiasts.

3. To feast on seriously good food. 

Borsch, salmon, herrings, caviar and dill and all things totally delicious make up the traditional dishes in Russia.

4. Because vodka, obvs. 

As the spiritual home to vodka, it wouldn’t be a trip through Russia without a taste the local brew. While the preferred beverage across the ‘Vodka Belt,’ may not suit all palates, the history and culture behind the production of vodka is enough to impress by itself.

5. To see some seriously impressive underground art.

Read: not your average train station. Go below the surface and uncover kilometres of decadent train stations that run through Moscow. Mosaics, stain glass windows, bronze statues, beautiful facades and extravagant chandeliers are just some of the artworks that make up the incredible Moscow Metro.

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Gemma Music
Gemma is a travel lover based in Toronto. When she’s not patting the nearest pup or trying the latest insta-food trend, you can find her with her passport clutched firmly in hand, ready for the next adventure.