Anyone and everyone who’s ever donned their finest Bintang singlet and made the trip to Bali knows exactly why this humble little Indonesian island is so damn awesome. Swim-up pool bars? Heck yeah! $4 massages? Sign us up. The opportunity to shop for oh-so-cute little souvenirs from the comfort of your beach towel? Yes, please.

But aside from the obvious aforementioned appeal, Bali is so much more than mojitos and ‘morning price’. Think: smiley locals with a resilient spirit, and a fascinating local culture worth delving into.
Yep, Bali is pretty bagus. And if you haven’t made your first foray to the holidaymaker’s haven? Well, here’s 21 of Bali’s “best bits” to help you book that trip STAT.

1. Sipping your Coca-Cola from uber-retro glass bottles.


2. Pavement-hopping over the beautiful religious offerings.
flowers bali

3. Politely declining the bracelet and shell-selling ladies on the beach…
bali beach

4. …but buying 10 bracelets anyway.

5. “Morning price”.
bali beach

6. And “afternoon price”.

7. Cycling through landscapes like THIS…

8.…and practicing your downward dog in front of views like THIS.

9. Cocktails in your swim-up bar.
bali pool bar

10. Beachside massages that cost less than your Coca-Cola in a glass bottle.
beach massage

11. The lingering smell of frangipanis and incense. Everywhere. All day long.
Bali frangipani

12. The distant sound of xylophones. Everywhere. All day long.

13. Being able to get THIS close to elephants.
elephant bali

14. Bintang-themed everything. But mostly just Bintangs.

15. Commemorating your trip with a henna tattoo. Of a dolphin. Or a flower. Or a gecko.

16. Local fruit carved into the best-damn-artwork-you-ever-did-see.
Fruit Bali

17. Being able to wear your hair like THIS. And not get judged.

18. Bartering for food ‘til your heart–and wallet–is content.

19 Nasi Goreng. Nasi Campur. And basically any meal starting with ‘Nasi’.
nasi bali

20. Sunsets like THIS…

21.…and beautiful little faces like THIS.

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Alexandra Oke
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