Picture it: you’re on a dream Topdeck trip, seeing incred world sights, connecting with fellow travellers and being inspired by the best Trip Leaders on God’s green earth.

What makes Topdeck so magical? The perfect combo of activities + free time to do your own thing. Time to live in the moment, to explore on your own terms.

We’ve rounded up some free time inspo – a pick-and-mix depending on your travel vibe. And if you can’t quite make up your mind? Our Trip Leaders are always there to point you in the right direction – DW, you’re gonna get the most out of Every. Single. Second.

pair of young men sat at a table on a square in Prague holding tankards of beer

ADVENTUROUS: Climb Ev’ry Mountain

Our legendary Euro trips like European Getaway and Spirit of Europe have heaps of optional experiences to get your adrenaline pumping in your free time. We’re talking canyoning or tandem paragliding in the awe-inspiring Austrian mountains. Or skydiving in the spectacular Swiss Alps for a bird’s-eye view of those jaw-dropping snowy peaks.

young woman mid-flight on a tandem skydive in the Swiss Alps

Feeling the great outdoors but not so keen on feeling the wind whipping your cheeks? We suggest a ride on the Banff Gondola to the top of Sulphur Mountain – an optional activity on our Canadian Rockies trip. The views from the summit go on for days, but they’ll stick with you for even longer.

view of the visitor centre at summit of Sulphur Mountain, accessed via the Banff Gondola, Canada

QUIRKY: Where the Weird Things Are

We’ve all got that friend who seeks out the stranger aspects of life (if you haven’t got that friend, it’s probably you. Congrats!). Those with a taste for the unusual need to head to Tokyo, the mecca for all things weird and wonderful. We rec the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku for a laser-and-dance robot show like no other (literally – it’s the only one). Or perhaps the Vampire Café for Dracula-themed meals in an ultra-Goth candlelit setting. What better way to sink your teeth into a new city?

pair of humanoid robots dressed in colourful Japanese-inspired clothes at the Robot Restaurant, Tokyo

Deliberating how to spend that free afternoon in Jaipur on our Namaste India trip? How about Hanuman Temple, dedicated to the Hindu monkey god Hanuman, and packed to the rafters with primates causing non-stop chaos (FYI: they WILL steal your iPhone and use all your data playing Among Us. Leave it in your pocket).

CHILL: Time to Recharge

The world’s a busy place, and there’s loads to see on that adventure of a lifetime. But sometimes you need a lil’ downtime. We get it. That’s why Topdeck trips combine awesome activities with time out, in the best way poss.

Our Mega European trip has got this balance spot on (if we say so ourselves). A full 24 hours in both Paris and Rome to discover the ultimate cream cake or gelato flavour? You got it. Two days to lounge beachside and party on the Greek island of Mykonos? Tick.

Chill time is a must – we need it to recharge, reflect, and be the absolute best versions of ourselves. Sometimes it’s those spontaneous, unplanned moments which bring people alive, leading to deeper connections and real lasting friendships. Our trips are made for these moments.

a pair of young women sat at a lookout with views of a Croatian harbour and islands

Free time with Topdeck = exploring places you may never have seen + experiencing things you might never have felt. So, the only question remaining is – where are you going to spend it?

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