What’s not to love about the humble hostel? More than just a way to make your hard-earned dollars travel further, hostels are uniquely social compared to the pricier option of hotel and ursting at the seams with like-minded travellers looking for a good time.

We’ve complied a snapshot of the best hostels in Europe calling to be explored in 2017. And this is just the beginning – there are plenty more impressive hostels on the Topdeck trail.

1. The Generator – Paris. 

Expect cool vibes. Culture. Art. Funky rooms – the Generator Paris has it all.

Topdeck Travel Hostel Generator hostels

And the best part? The impressive rooftop, duh! With views seriously-amaze views spanning across Sacré-Cœur and Montmartre, you won’t be disappointed. Anyone for cocktails on the roof?


2. La Point Surf Camp – Villa Lizandro, Portugal.  

Were you born for life on the beach? Then head over to the Villa Lizandro in Portugal. Warning: you might never want to leave.

Check out our 8-Day Portugal Surfari trip to stay here.

Topdeck Travel Hostel Portugal hostels

3. PLUS Hostel –Berlin. 

We all know Berlin is home to cool vibes, and one of our fave hostels is no exception to the rule. Check out the Plus Hostel in Berlin, and make the most of your time in this buzzing city.

Topdeck Travel Hostel Berlin hostels

Topdeck Travel Hostel Berlin hostels

4. PLUS Camping Jolly – Venice. 

We. Love. Venice. And we really, really love the PLUS Camping Jolly in Venice. Once you’ve had it with the canals and maze-like streets of Venice, you can kick back in the pool or the on-site jacuzzi and soak the days away.

Topdeck Travel Hostel Venice hostels

5. Wombats – Budapest. 

Once upon a time, this hostel was a hotel. Now, that hotel is now a hostel. Stay with us here…. Keep up with the times at the Wombats Hostel in Budapest and check out the ruin bars nearby.

Topdeck Travel Hostel Budapest hostels

6. The Generator – Barcelona. 

Yes! Yes! Yes to Barcelona, and even more yes to the Generator Hostel located smack bang in the middle of the city. There’s Gaudi (accent), tapas, a sparkling beach and the atmospheric football scene to keep you entertained for hours.

How could you not fall in love with this crazy Catalonian city?

best hostels in Europe

Topdeck Travel Hostel Barcelona hostels

If you’re looking for ways to spend 48 hours in Barcelona, go here.

7. Equity Point – Prague.

This recently refurbished hostel is just a 5-minute walk from the Charles Bridge – meaning you have no excuses not to explore this must-see city.

best hostels in Europe

best hostels in Europe

8. PLUS Camping Village – Rome. 

Do you even need convincing why Rome is amazing? Also, the equally amazing Camping Village Roma is exactly that – it’s very own village, in Rome!

best hostels in Europe

best hostels in Europe

9. St. Christophers – Paris. 

And of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without St. Christopher’s Hostel Gare Du Nord right in the heart of Paris.

Ready to hit up the next big thing in the world of hostels?

Find your next adventure and find the best hostels in Europe with Topdeck HERE.

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