Not only is Copenhagen insanely beautiful and ultra trendy but its unique style, incredible café culture and scenic parks are sure to leave you wishing you never ever had to leave.

Read on for a list of 10 reasons to make you pack your bags and hotfoot it to Copenhagen.

1. You’ll never have to search far for your morning coffee.

The city centre is abundant in coffee shops, your hardest decision will be choosing just one. The Danish take their coffee very seriously, so you won’t be disappointed by the quality either.

Tip: Head to The Coffee Lab off Ved Stranden for an intimate and super cool Danish-decor vibe.

2. Because bikes are top of the transport hierarchy.

Copenhagen is a major advocate for cycle power – they’ve even built highways for bikes.

It’s a city made for two wheels – and you’ll live your days turning them. Get fit, reduce your carbon emissions and never worry about cramming into an overcrowded train during rush-hour again (Londoners, rejoice).

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3. Because, style (the Danes just get it!).

No one does casual street style like the Danes. Top tip: Check out &OtherStories and Weekday for affordable high street shopping.

4. Because a meat packing district has been transformed into a social event – and it’s everything.

Once home to Copenhagen’s meat industry, the Meatpacking District in Vesterbro is now a creative cluster of bars, restaurants, arts and nightlife. Check out BOB (Biomio Organic Bistro) for an entirely organic menu, or grab a drink at the cozy and informal Mesteren & Lærlingen – the oldest Bodega in the district.

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5. Because in Copenhagen people are just…happy.

Is it the irresistible charm of the cobblestone streets? Or the 21st century cool nightlife?

Claiming the title of the happiest Capital in the world year on year, it’s pretty damn clear that Copenhagen has perfected the formula for living a happy life.

Boasting beautiful parks, city beaches, safe cycling, and homely apartments, what’s not to be smile about?

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6. Because Sweden is just a train ride away.

Jump on a train from Copenhagen Central Station and in less than half an hour you could be having breakfast in Malmö, Sweden. Ja tack!

If you’ve got a little more time up your sleeve, travel further afield to explore the lakes, forests, glacial mountains and other natural-goodness Sweden has to offer.

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7. Because you can explore the autonomous Freetown Christiania.

This unique community sits upon 84 acres of abandoned military grounds, and is home to 850 residents who live by the collectivist spirit that’s been alive since the 70’s.

Originally founded by squatters and artists, the comune remains self-governing and self-sustaining. A stroll through the car-less streets of Freetown will take you past vibrant scenery, avant housing, street murals, organic food and (as you enter) a sign that reads ‘You are now exiting the EU.’

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8. Because you’ll never be far from the water.

Often referred to as the Venice of the North, a highlight of the city are the many rivers and waterways that weave their way through central Copenhagen.

There are beach parks, harbour baths and sea baths to keep the water babies among us happy (in summer, of course), and canal sightseeing tours for those less eager to get their toes wet.

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9. Because you can eat Danish pastries all day, every day.

The most delightful, scrumptions, give-me-another-now pastry you’ll ever lay your hands on. So delicious in face that the name has travelled all around the world (but you’ll find the best of the bunch in Copenhagen).

10. Because you’ll enjoy the world’s best work-life balance.

Denmark boasts one of the best work-life balances in the world, with an average work week of 37 hours, a flexible working culture, ample vacation allowance and up to a year’s paternity leave. What does that mean? More time to enjoy leisurely bike rides, delicious coffee and all the Danish pastries you can handle. Yes please!

Ready to explore those cool Copenhagen vibes?

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Phoebe Lang
Phoebe is a London-based Kiwi, full-time Topdecker and part-time Baileys and coffee enthusiast (only at Christmas time, of course). When she’s not pounding the pavement on lunch breaks, she is probably in the midst of planning her next adventure (and yours).