Discover the markets that bravely sit along train tracks and have to suck in within 30 seconds of the train chugging through lest they get scooped up, dash down secret alleyways between buildings, then watch the girls tackle the floating markets offering everything from food, drinks, coconuts and python-handling. No Bangkok stop-over is complete without a massage, followed by a cheeky rooftop bar drink to finish off the day and watch the sunset.

The girl’s last dinner is topped off with a good serving of authentic, street-stall pad thai on a plastic chair.

The Bangkok rush hour is on in the seventh and final episode of the web series featuring travel blogger Laura McWhinnie and spin master Rachel Phillips (DJ Minx). Watch the girls take on South East Asia and Indochina with as many insects, Indiana Jones references and bikinis as they can handle.

This is Topdeck’s first ever travelling web series, plonking you in the middle of coastal Thai resorts to bustling Hanoi sidewalks to peaceful Cambodian mega temples in our brand spanking new Asia product.

Jump in with us and immerse yourself in our take on Asia.

This is your all access pass.

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Alessia Castiglione
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