If all you know about Vietnam is this….

Then have we got some news for you!

It’s actually more like this…

Whew! Thank goodness for that because Apocalypse Now doesn’t really scream “relaxing holiday”…unless you like the inherent darkness inside all human beings.

Instead let us ease you into modern Vietnam with a series of images so enticing you’ll look at the amount of annual leave you have saved up and think…”The horror…the horror…”

1. Sapa…more like nap-ah.

2. See? Great place for naps.

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3. Ummm… this is Vietnam right? Not the Alps?

4. Yeah, Sapa is like the tropical Alps…nothing like hiking in flip-flops.

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5. Definitely not the Alps.

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6. Oh and not too far away is Halong Bay.

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7. One of the sexier UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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8. Just in case you didn’t believe us.

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9. Vietnam tastes good too.

10. Kind of like afternoon tea but with some Hanoi flair added in.

11. What to do after a nice spot of tea? Hit the night hard.

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12. Ho Chi Minh will stay up late and entertain.

13. Hanoi doesn’t want you to miss out either.

14. Wake up on the Mekong.

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15. Get “Bamboo-zled”

16. Hit up the beach for some tropical R’n’R.

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17. Find a dragon….wait what?

18. Yeah, hundreds of steps and find this baby at the top.

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19. Then back to the beach again.

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20. Then to wherever you want.

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21. Probably another nap.

Did you see somewhere you want to go? Let us know in the comments section below!

Ben is an international man of mystery. Born in Wales, raised in Canada and now living on the east coast of Australia. He married an Aussie girl and now stuck in a sub-tropical paradise. He loves movies, basketball and most of all, travelling the world.