Let’s talk about Cambodia. First of all, if it’s not already at the top of your must-see-before-you-die bucket list, you have some major re-arranging to do.

Often, with stunning Thailand and sparkling Laos next door, this little guy is overlooked by travellers across the globe. Sitting smack bang in the middle of the Southeast Asia loop, Cambodia boasts more than just glittering temples, smiling faces and local feasts to make any foodie drool. Throw in a handful of eclectic markets and history to move you, and need we say more?

Dig a little deeper and delve into Cambodia. #Topdeckers, you know what to do.

Step in to Siem Reap.
 Angkor Wat Cambodia

As the gateway to the ancient city of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap is THE place to be. As one of the most visited cities in the country, we can guarantee you’ll need a day (or two, maybe three?) to tick off all the sights including Angkor Wat and beyond.

As for Angkor Wat itself…PHEW! Where do we even start? Get your ‘Tomb Raider’ vibes on and weave your way through endless temples. Trust us, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


Cambodia Bayon


TOP TIP: Go local. 

Just outside of Siem Reap, take the time to visit local towns and go that extra mile to enrich your Cambodia experience. FYI: A Khmer feast ticks ALL the boxes for a not-to-be-missed foodie experience.


Local textiles anyone? Shop ’til you drop and make sure you take something special home.

Cambodia raw silk

Cambodia Ox


Before the day is out (stay with us), we have one word: Pub Street! (Okay, maybe two but you get the idea). Head to the centre of town for a night with ALL the vibes.

Take the road to Phnom Penh.

Crack into the capital and make like a local in glimmering Phnom Penh.

Cambodia Phnom Penh

Explore the capital on two feet, or ride in style in the best mode of transport. That’s right, we’re all about the cyclo vibes.

 Cyclo Cambodia

Tick off all the ‘wow’ monuments and temples scattered across the city, or take a sobering moment to learn a thing or two about the darker side of Cambodia’s history.



Before your time is up in Phnom Penh, mingle with the locals on the riverbank to watch the sun go down.


Lastly, (but most importantly, obvs) the food. ALL the food. Like anywhere in Southeast Asia, the quality is high (seriously) and the result is to die for. Street food Cambodia

Street food

And for the brave…
street food cambodia

Make your move, because unexplored corners become harder and harder to find. For amazing Cambodia trips, go here.

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