Sport (in particular football) is one of the very few things I love more than travel.

From baseball to basketball – and everything else in between, sport offers an unreal charm that unifies travellers across the world. Yes, rivalries exist – but more often than not it brings people together over a beer or two.

Sport becomes a universal language when travelling, so it’s no surprise that major sporting events = major dollars spent on venues and stadiums (we’re talking a multi-billion dollar industry).

The result? Some pretty impressive structures. Here are some of the best to keep an eye out for on your travels.

1. Wembley Stadium – London


Set your compass towards north west London and feast your eyes on Wembley Stadium in London. Opening its doors in 2007, Wembley stadium cost an eye watering eight hundred million pounds to build – and it’s not even the biggest in Europe. FYI: you can fit the equivalent of 25,000 double-decker buses inside (apparently). Grab your oyster card, and go.

2. Camp Nou – Barcelona

Camp Nou Barcelona from Topdecker Jordan

In between sessions of tapas and sangrias x100, squeeze a visit to the biggest stadium in Europe.

Built in the 1950s, it has that retro, cool feel that modern stadia cannot match. Architectural genius Norman Foster (mastermind to ‘The Gherkin in London’) is the man behind this epic structure. Home to FC Barcelona, the Camp Nou experience has become a obligatory stop for visitors to the city and will only set you back approx. €23. After the game, you know what to do in Barcelona. Ramble along the Las Ramblas and see where the night takes you.

Shout out to #topdecker Jordan for the pic via Twitter!

3. Allianz Arena – Munich

Allianz Arena Munich

Got a little time before the beers flow at Oktoberfest? Why not visit the “Schlauchboot” (nicknamed the inflatable boat) in Munich. DYK: the Allianz Arena became the first stadium in the world capable of changing colour depending on which team is playing. Home to Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich football clubs, it was opened in 2005. Prost!

4. The Float @ Marina Bay – Singapore

Marina Bay Float


Odd? Maybe, but we’re glad it exists. Originally a temporary replacement for the Singapore National Stadium rebuild, it’s now billed as the world’s largest floating stage in the world. Big statement. Much ‘WOW’. Today, it’s used for big name events, but try not to be distracted by the Singapore skyline surrounding you. After the event, sling your way through Singapore to see what else you can find.

5. Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) – Melbourne



Simply known as “The G” this one is rich is history. Host to the Boxing Day cricket and AFL (Australian Rules Football). As the sporting capital of the world (be it self proclaimed, or official) Melbourne is one city you need to visit if you love a dose of sport – and great coffee.

6. Yankee Stadium – New York


The Yankee Stadium hosts the world’s biggest events so keep an eye out if you’re in town.  You’d be mad to visit the US without sampling one of its half a dozen national sports. Grab a drink, slather some ketchup on a hotdog and you’re good to go!

7. AT&T Park – San Francisco


Home to the San Francisco baseball team ‘The Giants’. This is the first ballpark to let people watch a game for free. Sure you had a third of the view around 420+ feet away but, hey, free is free. It’s also earthquake proof if that helps.

Start the adventure and tick off the stadiums across the world one country at a time. Eyes here for more.

Jake Svensson
Arsenal fan, Londoner, Traveller