Ready to get WET 💦? Our Sail & Swim trips are prob a bit of you. These trips are hella popular though and sell out A LOT (people just love spending their days floating about in the sea).  

SO what we doing about it? Don’t get salty, because we’ve dropped TWO brand-spanking new Sail & Swim trips that SLAP

Read on for the lowdown on what Sail & Swim acc means and why these new trips hit different. 

How Sail & Swim slides into our trip styles

We got a lot of diff personalities on our trips. We got some Swifties, some Dua lovers, Capaldi’s, you name it. That’s why we got FOUR diff trip styles so you can choose which one you vibe with best. 

SO, how does Sail & Swim slide into this mix? Sail & Swim trips are different from our other trip styles in one pretty big way. You’re on a boat. Most of the time. You’ll spend your days on some of our vibey floaties round banging islands, sippin’ cocktails in your swimmers and if that’s not enough to convince you then we just don’t know what will… 

SIDE NOTE: If you wanna confirm which style you vibe with, get around our finger down challenges on TikTok


Sail & Swim: Turkey 

This year our only Sail & Swim location was Croatia BUT next year we’ve got TWO new destinations. Drum roll please 🥁 … 

The Turkish coastline is one of the most UNDERRATED coastlines ever and we wanna get you on board to show you what it’s saying. The Turkish Riviera is the place to be, but people don’t know it’s a whole mood just yet. Get there before it’s on everyone’s fyp. Check it out

Sail & Swim: Greece 

So we already got a Delve Deep: Greek Islands trip BUT if boat life is the life for you, join us to get to more remote locations than the main character islands. PLUS, they are cheaper than the more mainstream islands, so if you wanna do Greece but have more dollaaa for souvlaki and gyros, get around this Greek gem of a trip

Reckon we’ve convinced you to come and get wet, weird and wild with a bunch of strangers soon to be your Topdeck fam? If you’re ready for a bit of this, check out our Sail & Swim trips incl our newcomers…