2024. The year you make the decision to say, “This year, I will be the REAL me.” 

You’re probs thinking, how can Topdeck help with that? Our response: 

By providing the space for you to do you on life-changing group trips FULL of REAL moments, value, passion and more. 

Oh, and heaps of REAL incred things to do in Europe too! 👇 


Start the year off with some real magic. Pray the old Norse gods clear the skies so you can soak up the Northern Lights on our Delve Deep: Iceland (Winter) trip. That feeling you get when you’re looking at that wave of colours at night? Unforgettable. 


Whether you’re single, taken or in a situationship 👀 (let’s rethink that energy for 2024), spending Valentine’s Day in Paris is the kinda magic your inner child craves. Book the 13th Feb departure of Play & Pause: Great European (Winter) to spend Valentine’s evening in the City of Love. Cupid’s got nothin’ on this. 


You gotta get as close to the Leprechaun’s motherland as physically possible for St. Paddy’s Day. How? Our Delve Deep: Britain & Ireland (Winter) trip in March. Full disclosure: we’re not in Dublin on the 17th itself (take a min to process), but we are in Edinburgh where there’s a load of Irish pubs and bars. Think: Malone’s, O’Connor’s, The Three Sisters and MORE.  

Topdecker, Julian, has something to add about Edinburgh: “Our whole time in Edinburgh really stands out as the highlight of the trip. It was such a beautiful city, and there was so much to go out and do that we genuinely managed to fill every hour we had there.” 


Feel like experiencing some real awesome culture in 2024? Look no further than Feria de Abril 💃🏽 Location: Seville, Spain. Dates: 14th – 20th April. Vibes: vibrant colours, local traditions, all-night socialising. Catch it on our Delve Deep: Spain, Portugal & Morocco trip. 


A summer in Europe. It’s a lifetime goal. Make it happen in 2024 on our Get Social: Mega European trip. You’ll spend 49 days in 19 countries and See. It. All. We’re talkin’ real gelato in Italy, real tapas in Spain, real sausages in Germany and real hot chips from a cone in the Netherlands. And that’s just the food 🤤 


LGBTQIA+ and allies unite 🌈 It’s the month of PRIDE. If you’re thinking of heading on our Get Social: Central & Eastern Europe trip in June, the only way to end this ride is to join the next level street party that is London Pride. The date: 29th June. You don’t wanna miss this.  


There’s no European summer without a Mamma Mia summer. Experience yours on our Delve Deep: Greek Islands trip. If you meet three men in the space of two weeks, no you didn’t.  

When asked to give a Greek Islands highlight, Samantha says: “It’s so hard to give one highlight, there are too many.” Our response: we always provide the goods.  


Fan of dragons, their mothers, and thrones made of swords? You gotta see some of the lit locations they filmed the TV phenomenon (until that ending). Do it on our Sail & Swim: Croatia trip where you get to live your best ocean life, too 🌊 


Prost 🍻! Celebrate the 189th Oktoberfest on our Play & Pause: Intro to Europe trip, 17th Sept departure. Think: awesome beer, authentic Bavarian culture and an atmosphere that’s Next. Level. 

Topdecker, Kirby, gives the Intro to Europe deets: “All round, it was an incredible experience and I know I’ll carry the memories with me for years to come.” 


Lounge on a sailing adventure along the Turkish Riviera. It’s giving super-chill vibes, delish local food, stunning remote bays and a pretty ideal way to wave off the Euro summer season. Dive into the dates of Sail & Swim: Turkey for total bliss. 


This is it. The year you feel snow melt on your tongue for the very first time. Have a snowball fight. Make snowmen. Dive headfirst into a soft blanket of winter magic. Get it done on our Get Social: Europe Express trip. 


Winter Wonderland? Warm mulled wine? Cosy gloves and scarves? Twinkling lights dotted along stalls filled with delish local food, small souvenirs and hot chocolate? Fill your brain with mems of traditional, feel-good Christmas markets on our Get Social: Scandi Express (Winter) trip 🎄