A Europe trip is bound to be ah-mazing because, well, Europe is the place bucket list dreams are made of. Oh, and did we mention it sets your Insta profile on fiyaaah? Yeah, you heard.

Here are 7 things you’ll only know if you’ve been to Europe. Cue itchy feet.

1. Going out out doesn’t start ’til 2am.

If you find yourself in a club at 10pm, you’re doing it all wrong. Soz.

Oh, and don’t expect to be home before 6am. Earliest. They go hard in Europe.

2. You can cross an entire country in the time it takes to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Well, nearly… A flight from Berlin to Munich is just over an hour.

Tactical power nap, anyone?

3. There’s always a reason for a cheeky drink.

There’s no denying it, Europe knows how to drink. From a world-class glass of red to a fresh AF beer, it’s always time to head to the bar. Or pub. Or rooftop terrace. Or even the hostel kitchen. You get the idea.

Also: the sangria tastes better over there. True story.

4. No matter how many carbs you eat, you will walk them all off.

Public transport, who? Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that.

When on a Europe trip, your step count will reach all sorts of cray. 15km on Tuesday? 20km on Wednesday? We’re not even kidding.

5. It’s always sunny somewhere.

Heat wave in Croatia vs. torrential rain in Brisbane. It’s a no-brainer.

6. Hostels can actually be pretty freakin’ epic.

Pools, bars, views, movie rooms, chill-out spaces: we’re talking legit hotel-standard vibes in some hostels.

Basically, they’re what you wish you could afford your house to be like. You get the idea. #goals

7. You’d consider staying forever if travelling was free.

See ya never!

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Marianne Lampon
Originally from Cambridge, Marianne has officially caught the travel bug. A lover of movies and fitness, Marianne will always stop to pet dogs when she’s out exploring and will steal your food when you’re not looking.