Our friends at TourRadar’s Days to Come travel magazine share the 7 places that will make you fall in love with Canada’s west coast.

Between Justin Trudeau, a 150th birthday and, of course, sheer beauty from coast to coast, it’s no wonder Canada is on the top of everyone’s bucket list.

Let’s check out Western Canada. Why is it so popular we hear you cry? It’s where the mountains are, it’s where hiking is world-class and it’s where some of the most stunning landscapes and lakes can be found. Come with us to take on Canada’s west coast.

1. Whistler

Most people know Whistler for its Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort. Sure, Whistler is an incredible spot to shred fresh powder but there’s so much more to this west coast spot too.

The town itself is cute, romantic and exciting with great eats, incredible nightlife and people to meet from all over the world. It houses some awesome shops along with top-of-the-line spa experiences.

In the summer, you can hike all day and see the area from different views and heights. #views for days!

2. Vancouver

One of the most popular cities in Canada is Vancouver, and for good reason. It’s right on the Pacific Ocean and there’s LOADS to do. There are bustling neighbourhoods that all have a different feel. Gastown, the city’s historic district and Vancouver’s first downtown area, is a must-see, as are Yaletown, Granville and Kitsilano.

The city itself is one of Canada’s densest and most diverse. With the mountains just a short drive away, an easy weekend getaway is right there when you need it. But for a dose of nature in the city,  Stanley Park’s got your back. Fact: it’s 10% larger than Central Park in NYC! So make sure you grab a bike!

Make time to visit Vancouver Island. Just a quick ferry ride away, it’s somewhere you definitely won’t want to miss.

3. Banff

No amount of time spent in Banff will ever be enough. Whether you’re a hiker, snowboarder, spa lover, foodie or anything else in-between, there’s something in Banff for you.

For the foodies, Banff houses some serious eats like The Bear Street Tavern (best pizza ever) and Eddie Burger Bar.

If you’re more of a hiker, get ready for some of the most rewarding hikes and soul-stirring views. This place is seriously Insta-worthy.

 4. Jasper National Park

If you’ve heard of Jasper National Park, you’ll know it’s the perfect place to sit back, relax and just chill out. The experience you’ll get in Jasper goes like this: hiking or skiing down epic mountains, seeing wildlife at every corner, walking down the cute main street and trying fresh, delicious food.

Since Jasper is a town with just one street, it gives you a chance to get to know other travellers and truly take in your surroundings at a more relaxed pace. The perfect holiday if you ask us.

Did we mention you can hike up a glacier? Yeah, it’s pretty epic. Hello Athabasca Glacier!

5. Kelowna

If you’re a fan of wine, you’re going to want to get Kelowna on that bucket list of yours. It’s in the Okanagan Valley, one of Canada’s finest wine regions, and offers tastes you’ve only dreamed of.

Wine isn’t the only thing that Kelowna has to offer though. It’s also a well known surfer’s hub. Avid surfers flock there in the summertime to catch some waves. In the winter, it’s the turn of the ski and snowboard enthusiasts to make this their home. Sweet!

6. Golden 

Yes, it’s just as amazing as it sounds. Golden will make you feel like you’re on the set of The Sound of Music with valleys and stunning snow-capped mountains providing the backdrop.

A hub for all things outdoor sports, Golden never disappoints. To top it off, Glacier National Park is just a short drive away. Not bad eh?

7. Kamloops

The surroundings of Kamloops are super dramatic, with insane mountains bordering the city, beautiful valleys and more. Fact: there’s nowhere else in British Columbia where you can see over 100 lakes and explore the grasslands and mountains all in one day. We’re not joking when we say Kamloops has it all.

Wanna come see Canada for yourself? Check out some awesome Topdeck trips here and get your hiking boots ready.

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Katie Stanwyck
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