The chocolate and the flowers and the Valentine’s dinner and the Valentine’s brunch before the dinner and the surprise present and the extra anniversary present for being on the same day as Valentine’s…it’s got to stop. All of it.

Anything that makes people this mad with jealousy as to whether they’re going to get the biggest teddy/most Valentine’s notes in their locker/Jeff has flowers delivered to the office for you has to stop also.

These long standing traditions should be vanquished from the face of the earth and replaced with something more fulfilling, which you can still do with your bf/gf/wife/husband/cat.

But if you DITCH THE HELL OUT OF IT and go travelling, you’re playing the smart card, friends.

You will make memories that last a lifetime, no joke, (i.e. be able to reminisce about the time the amazingly friendly waiter in the New York diner got chatting to you about life) instead of commenting on the service of the restaurant you went to back home, and worrying if you spent too much/not enough/should have got dessert.

Imagine – “Hey where are you going for Valentine’s Day – Burger Fuel or Ole?”
“Ummm…I’m going to be on the French Riviera/Venice/Plitvice Lakes/on the Chrysler Building taking a god%$#& panorama”.

It’s time to stop that now, fine gentry, and think of the possibilities of travel options you can calculate, because who wants to stay home for V Day wondering if you should punish Dave because you gave him more this year, and next year he gets NOTHING.

Here are five of our top reasons, should you wish to ditch and join us:

1. Africa

Being on safari > having a below par dinner with a random date

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2. Japan

Cherry blossoms > way WAAYY better than ridic expensive roses

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3. Paris

Sipping wine and watching the Eiffel Tower lights come on > romantic meal out with the SO, that ends at 8pm because the second seating has to start

4. Croatia

Pula, Pag, Dubrovnik > 1000th cheap teddy

5. New York

Love sign > NOT having a love sign to kiss in front of

Alessia Castiglione
Alessia (not Alesha – please) is a serious Wicked fan and occasionally spends her time trying to get answers out of her cat. Eating forms the base of most of her weekend plans. One day she’d like to create the ultimate philosoraptor meme.