Don’t listen to what they say.

Returning to the ‘real world’ post-sailing trip is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. Sure, a week of cruising turquoise waters sounds more appealing than a Nutella cronut when being recited out of a glossy travel brochure – but will your travel agent be there to console you when you realise the #BestWeekEver is over?

How are you supposed to go back to the daily grind after whiling away the hours on board – in the sunshine – with your new sailing pals – surrounded by postcard-worthy vistas? Not to mention the abundance of deck lounging, epic feasting, sun chasing, and island exploring on the agenda. You’ll never want to leave. Ever.

1. Because you get used to waking up to sunrises like this…

Point 1

2. …and swimming in water that looks like this.

Point 2

3. Because meal times are signalled by the tinkering of a bell…

Point 3

4. …and the delicious spread looks something like this.

Point 4

5. Because drinking out of a novelty straw is expected…

Point 5

6. …no matter what time of day.

Point 6

7. Because swimming with sea turtles is just a regular post-lunch activity…

Point 7

8. …and then your hardest decision is ‘front or back?’…

Point 8

9. …and ‘book or iPod?’.

Point 9

10. Because exploring untouched islands is the norm…

Point 10

11. …and dressing like a sailor is totally acceptable.

Point 11

12. Because #BoatLife is the best life…

Point 12

13. …and life on land just doesn’t compare.

Point 13

Good luck embracing the ‘real world’, Topdeckers. You’re gonna need it.


Alexandra Oke
Ally is a self-confessed travel fiend. When she’s not producing content from her trusty Mac, she is lusting over travel-inspired Pinterest boards and keeping one eye firmly fixed on the latest airfare deals.