If you ever find yourself in the situation of having only 24 hours in Marrakech located in the heart of Morocco, don’t stress – we’ve got you covered!

Maximise your time in this eclectic city with our ultimate list to unlock the secrets to the spiciest place in the world.

Topdeck Morocco 24 Hours In Marrakesh


Good morning, Topdeckers! It’s the crack of dawn, the sun is blazing and you’d better be ready for a Mo’rockin’ day (*wink wink*). Keep your ears tuned for the sound of the mighty call to prayer – soon to be the soundtrack to your day.

Before you hit the streets to explore Marrakech, start your day the traditional way – with a breakfast Hammam! Note: this is NOT a sandwich.

This ancient tradition exists as a weekly ritual for the locals and will leave you feeling fresh and ready to take on the next 24 hours.

Topdeck Morocco 24 Hours In Marrakesh


After demolishing a stack of local pastries with a French twist (washed down with mint tea, of course) it’s time to hit the road with a walking tour of the city.

Start your journey at the Bahia Palace guaranteed to capture your Insta-eye and the essence of traditional Moroccan and Islamic style. Wind your way through delicately placed orange trees and decadent courtyards.

Topdeck Morocco 24 Hours In Marrakesh

Topdeck Morocco 24 Hours In Marrakesh

Next up: the Saadian Tombs. Instantly you’ll find yourself transported back in time as you explore the tombs of Moroccan rulers dating back to 1549.

Topdeck Morocco 24 Hours In Marrakesh

Before the morning is out, head to the Majorelle Gardens, filled with sprawling cacti and tropical plants to rival a life-size terrarium.

Don’t forget to Snapchat your way through the gardens to capture the electric cobalt blue that adorns the walls. Did we mention the gardens were once owned by Yves Saint Laurent himself?!

Topdeck Morocco 24 Hours In Marrakesh


For lunch, climb (*cough trek*) the stairs to one of the millions of roof top cafés nearby and have a glass of mint tea. Keep a watchful eye on your waiter or waitress and watch as they pour the tea into a glass from a great height – said to enhance the flavour!

Take a breather, and stretch your eyes across the panoramic views whilst taking some shelter from the midday sun. Fuel up on couscous and tagine – we’ve got some Marrakech-ing to do!

Topdeck Morocco 24 Hours In Marrakesh


This afternoon, it’s all about souks, souks and more souks. Stroll through the intricate network of alleyways that line Marrakech in search of all things colourful and handmade.

The souks are a labyrinth, so try not to let the bright leather Babouches’ (slippers), carpets, sparkling silverware and tagine pots distract you too much – or you’ll be lost for hours!

Topdeck Morocco 24 Hours In Marrakesh

Topdeck Morocco 24 Hours In Marrakesh


As we say goodbye to the sun, make sure you find yourself in the Jemaa el-Fnaa square.

Within seconds, thousands will gather for the evening and you will find yourself surrounded by locals and sellers alike. Grab a fresh orange juice from one of the many stalls and take a minute to soak it all in – you’ll need it!

Climb to the rooftop restaurants and spend the rest of your night immersing yourself in all that this exotic city has to offer.

Topdeck Morocco 24 Hours In Marrakesh

Is Morocco calling  your name in 2017?

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Georgia Fearnley
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