Because really, who wants to be land-locked anyway? Take a step away from the mainland for an alternative trip across Europe and read on for 10 of the best islands in Europe to visit in 2017.

1. Hvar Island, Croatia.
Self-proclaimed “sunniest spot in Europe” with a supposed 2,715 hours of sunlight in an average year, this is an island you son’t want to miss. Here, it’s all about the glitz and glamour of the Adriatic.

An essential stop on the 8-Day Croatian Riviera trip, make time to visit the to Spanjola Fortress for Instagrammable views, and then make your way to Hula Hula beach and watch the sun go down.

2. Murano, Burano and the Northern Islands, Italy.
Just a hop, skip and a boat ride away from Venice, when we say Burano Island makes Venice look dull in comparison – just trust us on this one.

Where Venice offers excitement and buzz – acting as the hub of all things tourist-y, Murano and surrounding islands offer a peaceful escape. Before you depart the island, watch and learn as skilled craftsmen create one-of-a-kind glass pieces and be sure to take home a little special something.

3. Ibiza, Spain.
Ibiza is everything you’d expect – and more. Arguably one of the most popular islands (thanks to it’s pretty insane nightlife), its a no-brainer why travellers across the globe flock to here season after season.

During the day, sail your way through sun-soaked paradise or take a break at one of the many heavenly waterfront cafes. Then at night – watch this sleepy Spanish town come alive at and see what the notorious nightlife is all about.

Note: if you’re not all about the ‘club life’, this island paradise is just as much about the food, culture and rich history that you could expect from mainland Spain, but with a twist.

Read more about the alternative Ibiza here.

Best Islands In Europe

4. Sardinia, Italy.
Welcome to Sardinia, where this rugged island offers more than just a chill out spot to relax. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, here you can find over 2,000kms of unspoilt coastline.

Make time for a dose of sunshine on the 28-Day European Paradiso for three nights in paradise.

Best Islands In Europe

Best Islands In Europe

5. Stockholm Archipelago
Climb aboard an overnight ferry, traversing the wild waters of the Baltic and see what the Stockholm Archipelago hype is all about.

Technically, this archipelago won’t be offering the ‘typical’ island experience of sparkling beaches or an idyllic escape but you better believe that you will see some of the best damn entertainment rolling past your window while crossing on the ferry from Stockholm to Tallin. To complete this journey, hop on the 37-Day Red Star Special.

Or, if time allows on your European adventure, take time to hop across this hidden collection of islands before continuing your Topdeck adventure.

Best Islands In Europe

Best Islands In Europe

6. Santorini, Greece.
Easily considered one of the most beautiful places in Europe, immerse yourself in as much feta-goodness and endless gyros that you can physically handle with this an Aegean escape. Also, Insta-worthy sunsets.

7. Pag Island, Croatia.
In short: Pag Island is dreamy, vibrant and full of excitement. The good news for travellers is that Pag is super easy to reach from the mainland as the island is connected at its southern tip by a bridge and surrounded the steely blue Adriatic. Considered one of Croatia’s growing party destinations, the low-seasons is guaranteed to offer just as much of a good time without the throngs of people.

Before you depart the island and head home, be sure to sample the infamous Pag cheese, aka paški sir.  

Best Islands In Europe

8. Aran Islands, Ireland.
If you’ve never heard of The Aran Islands, get yo’ self onto Google it, stat!

These huge, magnificent formations along the coast of Galway and Clare Counties could easily be mistaken for something out of the dinosaur years due to their untouched and somewhat prehistoric formation.

Just a short 45 minute ferry from Irish mainland, make sure you squeeze time for visit during the 9-Day Celtic Trail or the 14-Day Britain & Ireland trip.

Best Islands In Europe

Best Island Europe

9. Mykonos, Greece.
This is the island you need to get your self to. Mykonos is synonymous for cosmopolitan nightlife and authentic atmosphere that runs through the town. Did we mention, gyros?

10. Corfu, Greece.
Smack in the middle of the Ionian Islands, Corfu is calling in 2017. Offering a distinct and independent culture from the mainland (thanks to the culturally-rich history from past occupation) and home to thousands of olive trees, there’s something for everyone to fall in love with in Corfu.

Best Islands In Europe

Tell us, where are your fave islands in Europe?

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