Recently I visited Ibiza and went sailing with a friend. Amazing. Loved it. Had the time of my life. Naturally.

The thing is, when I arrived home the first question people asked was, ‘where did you go out?’ or ‘did you go to Space-Amnesia-Pascha-and-every-other-super-club-that-ever-existed?’ in one eager mouthful. I totally get it. There’s no denying Ibiza is the perfect place for you and your squad to shred the d-floor – but for this holidaymaker? Not so much my vibe.

Real talk: There’s more to this party island than wild nights, scantily-clad partygoers and 3am kebabs. In fact, we didn’t actually go anywhere near the ‘cluurrrbss’ in between sailing days.

Tbh, Ibiza is an undeniable paradise that’s equally built for the sunbathers and paella fiends (like myself). Don’t believe me? Read on.


1. Because: Spain
Who doesn’t love sangria? Tapas? That awesome sunshine in the Med? All the Spanish goodness we love on the mainland is hidden in every nook and cranny throughout the island. We know that Spain has it all, and we love it. Now, take all of the above, mix it up and multiply that by 100 and whattaya get? Ibiza. Basically, Ibiza was made for exploring. #Truth.

2. Because: Sunsets
Nothing beats a killer sunset. Enter, San Antonio. Watch the magic happen as the sun goes down from this slightly more low-key side of the island. Keep an eye out for the Sunset Strip – any guesses where the name came from?

Sunsets in Ibiza

3. Because: Paella (and other incredible Spanish fare)
Let’s talk food. I’m 99% sure this is probably one of the main reasons why we go to Spain, am I right? And for good reason – the food is beyond. And the paella? Ah-maze. The ultimate meal to be washed down with a cerveza and a glass (or jug) of sangria. Who are we kidding? Always a jug. Maybe right now you’re thinking you can’t handle paella three times a day. Oh just you wait…

4. Because: The water
Salt, sand and the sea cure everything. Got problems? Not in the ocean.

5. Because: The beach

The beaches are next-level ah-maze and the weather is basically flawless 24/7. Try and argue with that logic. You hear the word Ibiza, and your mind jumps to super clubs and boat parties, but really, it’s all about the beach.

From San Antonio to Formentera, Ibiza is paradise central. Don’t overlook this little island.

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