You’ve probably seen the Greece stats: we’re talking approx. 250 days of sun a year (more than anywhere else in Europe). Over 10,000 traditional dances (time to put those TikTok moves to good use). And home to 12 palm-reading cats (okay, we made that one up).

But why choose Greece for your next adventure? See below for the answers (plus bonus facts to impress the fam on your Topdeck trip).

No need to compromise

Europe is packed to the rafters with historic cities and golden beaches. But if you’re looking to combine both, Greece wins.

Our Mega European trip has got it all worked out for you. A driving tour of Athens + free time to explore those ancient Greece beauts like the Acropolis and the Parthenon. You’ll want to soak these up – the pics just don’t do them justice.

woman approaching an ancient Greek temple at the Acropolis, Greece

⭐️ Bonus fact: the Parthenon and ancient Greek marble statues would once have been brightly coloured, but have faded over time.

And when you’re ready for the beach life? Mykonos it is. Spend chilled out days lounging and swimming, and nights partying on Paradise Beach (clue’s in the name – you’re gonna love it).

Live your best Mamma Mia! life

Well, maybe not every scene (Pierce Brosnan will not be creepily singing at you behind stone walls. Probs not, anyway). We know you’ve seen the films (46 times, willingly or not?). And now you want to live the Mamma Mia! life of dreams – lounging around on boats, snacking on meze, breaking into impromptu ABBA song and dance with the gang.

You’ll be needing our Summer Fun & Sailing trip, which includes three days bobbing along the Ionian Sea. Time to escape it all and embrace the Greek pace of life – sigá-sigá (‘take it slowly’). It’s the best kind of freedom.

young man diving from a boat into the sea around the Greek islands

Insta filters = not necessary

Seen those snaps of dreamy blue-and-white villages along turquoise seas? Fact is, there’s no Insta filter that could improve them. Our Greek Island Hopper trip means you don’t have to choose between them either – on this baby we head to Santorini, Mykonos and Paros, with plenty of free time in each to do your thing.

Along with being legit stunning to look at, there’s a reason for those blue-domed buildings in Santorini. Blue’s a symbolic colour in Greece – it represents the sky and sea. You’ll probably come across blue charms (known as mati) thought to ward off the ‘evil eye’ (a curse inflicted by someone staring at you – think side-eye, but worse). Booking a Topdeck trip = jealous mates, so def worth a try.

⭐️ Bonus fact: there are around 6000 Greek islands but only a few hundred are inhabited, and some are even for sale *rattles piggy bank*.

overlooking the blue-domed buildings of Santorini and the sea

Share the good times

Greek food is about sharing – in a Greek restaurant it’s common to eat from communal plates and enjoy snacking on alllll that goodness (halloumi, souvlaki and spanakopita pies deserve a mention) as part of a group. The Greek feeling of kefi sums this up: finding joy in the simpler moments of life.

So, we’ll take care of the company (Topdeckers might be a mixed bunch, but that’s what makes it special) if you’re willing to give sharing a chance. DW – that early-hours gyros (think: supercharged kebab) after a night out in Athens is off-limits.

And plate smashing? It’s not really a thing – nobody wants to end up in A&E having crockery removed from their forehead after one too many ouzos.

⭐️ Bonus fact: Greeks celebrate ‘name days’ as well as birthdays, based on Christian saints. But beware: if it’s your name day, you pay for dinner!

group of young women eating Greek food, including souvlaki

Ready for trips that are the stuff of Greek legend? Join a Euro tour with pit stops in Greece – like our Mega European, Discover Europe (ft. Corfu) and Summer Fun & Sailing trips.

Or go for an all-out Grecian adventure with our Greek Island Hopper.

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