I’m staring at the mountain of mess that is my NYC hotel floor. It’s the start of summer, it’s super hot in the city and I’m not a Kardashian or a Beckham. So, why did I pack so much?!

After living in London for a year, I’ve learnt how to pack light for weekend trips to Europe. I regularly impress other travellers by surviving with just carry-on baggage for trips up to two weeks long. Yes, really!

So, why do I still bring every potential outfit option on these long-haul trips?

Learn from my mistakes friends and leave that unnecessary baggage at home.

packing suitcase what not to pack

Here’s what not to pack on your next trip:

1. A hairdryer

Most hotels will have a hairdryer you can use. If they don’t, get your tush down to the local store for some sea salt spray or dry shampoo and rock that air-dried, just-come-back-from-the-beach look. Or, you know, just dry your hair with a towel…

2. Heels

Let’s be honest ladies and lads, you’ll embarrass yourself more by tripping on Europe‘s cobblestone streets than if you wear flat shoes on a night out. Double up your wear on those cute sandals you packed instead or your fave Adidas sneakers.

3. 100 pairs of underwear

No one is too cool for a bathroom sink underwear-wash sesh while on holiday. Just do it.

4. Every bathroom product you own

Shaving foam, razors, hair gel, conditioner, moisturiser… the list goes on.

You won’t want to tear yourself away from all of the travel fun so that you can go shave your beard or moisturise your face. Trust us.

But, if you can’t help yourself, travel-sized products are LIFE and weigh less than half of the big boys. Success!

5. Outerwear options

Save yourself the extra kilograms and limit yourself to one jacket or one coat.

You might think you need more, especially if you’re heading on an epic winter adventure, but you’ll end up wearing pretty much the same thing every day anyway. Honestly!

suitcase packing topdeck what not to pack

‘But what deserves space in my bag?’ we hear you ask. Take a look at our top tips of what to pack.

1. DIY sleeping kit

We’re talking a blow-up neck pillow, eye mask, ear plugs and a travel-sized sleepy time essential oil. This is a recipe for a great night’s sleep (even if you’re by the door in the hostel room).

2. Updated Netflix and Spotify playlists

This is more a case of memory space on your devices than bag space…

But to avoid any whining about weak Wi-Fi, download everything in advance so you can play it offline. Get ready to be ultra-smug about being ultra-prepared for those travel days and cosy nights in the hostel.

3. Comfortable sneakers

Blisters and sore feet begone! The locals already know you’re a tourist, so just embrace it and wear your comfy shoes.

So, don’t be that person in the airport re-packing their bags on the floor. Go forth and enjoy your holiday instead!

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Taylare Maddern
Taylare works in the Customer Service Team at Topdeck. Originally from Brisbane, you can now find her wandering the streets of south west London looking for the best coffee, beer garden or Made in Chelsea cast member.