Visit a country you’ve never been to before.
“Once a year, go some place you’ve never been”, said the wisest man of them all (no, not your crazy great-uncle after one too many Christmas whiskeys). The Dalai Lama knows what’s up, so take his lead and start crossing off your bucket list with gusto in 2017. Have a hankering for Hungary? Or perhaps you’re mad for Montenegro. Either way, ain’t no time like the present to venture into the great unknown.

Book something on a whim.
Gone are the days where you can go all ‘90s rom-com’ and roll up to an airport to purchase a last-minute flight (unless you want to pay astronomical airfares). That said departure board lotto is definitely still an option for the spontaneous at heart, as long as you utilise the fruits of the World Wide Web. Be flexible, take advantage of airlines’ late deals and be open to booking a destination that you may have never considered. Enter, “instant vacation”.


Eat something without knowing what it is.
We’re talking blindfold, Survivor-style. Okay, maybe not that extreme. But we totally get the sight of snails in France or the glimpse of grasshoppers in Thailand could be enough to kill your appetite. Alas! Nothing’s more adventurous than exotic food stories between friends. Delve into the weird and wonderful, chow down on the downright kooky and wrap your taste buds around something completely foreign. Who knows? You might even walk away with a newfound appreciation for insects.

Learn a new language.
Parlez-vous français? No? Well start learning. Not only does learning a language improve your listening skills, lateral thinking and creative aptitude, it will also help you blend in with the locals on your NBA (Next Big Adventure). Sure, most popular holiday destinations cater to native English-speakers. But at the very least, you’ll have something to impress your friends with at the next backyard barbecue.

Conquer a fear.
Might sound cliché, but is oh-so-true. Hurl yourself off a bridge in New Zealand. Leap from the sky above the highest mountain in Switzerland. Or go deep with the fishes in the Red Sea in Egypt. Funnily enough, once you’ve faced your fear, it usually doesn’t seem so frightening anymore (unless you’re talking the price of a hot chocolate in Scandinavia, in which case nothing is more scary than that *shudder*).

bungee jumping man

Travel on your own.
The only thing we love more than smashed avo on toast? The feeling of utter freedom and independence when travelling solo. Obvs. What may be terrifying to present self (cue: tears at the airport) is guaranteed to be ‘omg-this-is-freaken-awesome’ to future self. Not that travelling solo has to mean travelling alone. Jump headfirst into an organised group tour and let someone else (*cough* us) do the planning for you. With value for money, loads of bucket list experiences and the opportunity to make lifelong friends, you’d be mad not to consider it (smashed avo on toast potentially included).

solo adventure topdeck travel

Strike up a conversation with a stranger.
Forget the age-old warning “don’t talk to strangers”(within reason, of course). After all, sometimes the most memorable adventures are born from a friendly exchange. Whether it’s a fellow traveller inviting you to join them on their journey, a local resident slipping you an insider tip or the person sitting next to you on the plane offering some valuable advice, often chatting with strangers can have remarkable benefits to your travel experience. Think: less “Taken” more “Before Sunrise” (Google it) and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Create an adventure playlist.
Sometimes an inspirational travel quote plastered on your desktop background and a second-hand Lonely Planet guidebook just doesn’t cut the mustard. We all need a little push from time to time. Overcome your travel nerves and make 2017 adventurous AF by compiling all of your favourite holiday songs into one playlist. It could be inspired by tunes you’ve heard on previous trips (#memories), or just a compilation of pick-me-up tracks that awaken your go-getter attitude. No matter what, you can be sure it will become the soundtrack to the best experience of your life.

Use as many modes of transport as you can in one trip.
It’s all about the journey, #amiright? At least that’s what we’re told on those cheesy talent shows. Make like the explorer you are and hit the road/sky/ocean/tracks to experience the true meaning of adventure. Coach ride from Italy to France? Sign us up. Sailing around the islands of Spain. Yes, please. Tuk tuk in the middle of Bangkok rush hour? Chyeah! Alternatively, use the slowest means of transport (if time permits) to really take in as much of your surroundings as possible. You’ll be a PT pro in no time.

Ibiza sailing spain

Say yes…to (almost) everything.
Are you ready for it? The travel tip to rival all travel tips? The golden nugget? The most important morsel of advice to ensure your 2017 is adventurous AF?

Just. Say. Yes.

For the good times, the bad times and the ‘never-forget-this times’, saying ‘yes’ will almost always result in a crazy adventure and an extraordinary experience. It’s good for the soul. It’s great for the memory bank. And you never know where it could lead you.

To an adventurous AF 2017! Ready to take the next step? Go here.

Alexandra Oke
Ally is a self-confessed travel fiend. When she’s not producing content from her trusty Mac, she is lusting over travel-inspired Pinterest boards and keeping one eye firmly fixed on the latest airfare deals.